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Marketing in Regulated Industries

Scaling a business in a highly regulated industry comes with a unique set of challenges that can frustrate and overwhelm motivated entrepreneurs pushing to establish the competitive advantages that drive sustainable business growth.
After over 17 years of experience in the financial realm, Danijel Velicki is no stranger to the ins and outs of compliance regulations. Hear his creative approach to providing the top notch client experience that has successfully fueled his production as an industry leader, while also coloring within the lines of state and federal compliance.

Industry leader, financial educator and founder of Opus Wealth Strategies, LLC, Danijel Velicki, has successfully crafted a professional empire that revolves around a cutting edge dialogue and personalized curriculum designed to equip and empower his clients and students to powerfully thrive across all facets of life.

Awarded the distinguished “40 Under 40” and “Entrepreneurial Excellence” designations by Inside Business, Velicki is living proof that the “American Dream” is well within reach for those who remain steadfastly committed to implementing the fundamental resolves and professional habits that mark seasoned leaders from all walks of life. The rapid growth of his professional ventures continue to reflect his proficiency and passion for his craft, awarding him the ability to pivot and evolve as an agile leader in local business and beyond.

Consistently achieving top merits in the financial and insurance services arena, Velicki has made it his life’s goal and mission to educate and equip his clients, upcoming leaders and entrepreneurial visionaries with the tools and insights that serve as the keystone to his success in both the public and private sectors.

Whether working with the United States Navy SEALS or regional hospitals and medical staff, Velicki’s exceptional commitment to his clients and his community are reflected in his genuine interest, functional education and top notch customer service. Velicki designed both his financial curriculum and process management with a service over sales approach that is fundamentally grounded in life skills, personalized partnership and a thorough understanding of the complex issues that individuals, companies and families are facing across today’s financial climate.

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