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Creative Marketing Under Constraints

As a marketer, what would you do if you had unlimited resources at your disposal? 

The reality is, that’ll never happen. There’s always something holding you back – the budget, your boss’s “creative vision”, the economy, your clients – there’s always a constraint. 

How can you excel as a marketer under these constraints?

Companies like TowneBank and OPUS Wealth Strategies are building their brands under the normal constraints we all deal with. But additionally, their industry is regulated by the government. 

That means that all of their marketing and communications must be pre-approved by regulators, bureaucrats, who cross every “t” and dotting every “i”. Imagine not only being subject to creative review by a bureaucrat, but having certain marketing channels being completely taken away from you.

What would you do? How would you get ahead?

Attend the September 20th Marketers Anonymous to learn how these two marketers have overcome significant constraints while building their companies’ brands and market share. 

What they’ve learned can be immediately applied to your business so you can prosper as they have. 

Danijel Velicki is no stranger to working under constraints. The CEO of OPUS Wealth Strategies in downtown Norfolk, he provides top-notch client experiences while also establishing his brand from the ground over the past year. He’ll share his stories of brand building and increasing his market share while being highly limited with the messaging he can put out in the world. 

Allie Wittkamp is Director of Market Engagement at TowneBank. TowneBank has become a dominant force in the banking industry in not only Hampton Roads, but regionally, in just 20 years. Allie will discuss how she’s overcome the challenges in working in a regulated environment and explain how she still creates engaging social media and marketing that pushes TowneBank into new markets.

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