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The Managing Partners Podcast

Erik J. Olson

Episode # 273
Interview on 10.31.2023
Hosted By: Erik J. Olson
Home > Podcast > Profit First – Best Practices For Managing Your Law Firm Finances with Erik J. Olson

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About Erik J. Olson

Representing: Array Digital

Erik J. Olson is the founder and CEO of Array Digital and two other digital marketing agencies.

He specializes in providing digital marketing services to law firms across the United States, helping them grow, scale, and increase their profits.

Erik discusses the Profit First methodology and how it can help law firms ensure profitability.

He explains the profit equation and how Profit First flips it around to prioritize profit.

He emphasizes the importance of having multiple bank accounts with specific purposes and how to disburse funds to these accounts.

Erik also highlights the significance of revenue and how digital marketing, particularly search engine optimization, can help law firms increase their revenue.

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