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The Managing Partners Podcast

John Corcoran

Episode # 71
Interview on 07.15.2021
Hosted By: Erik J. Olson
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About John Corcoran

Representing: Rise25

John Corcoran is the Managing Partner at Rise25, LLC, a company whose mission is to help your business connect to your ideal prospects, referral partners and strategic partners using a done-for-you podcast.

After working as a Writer in the Clinton White House, he served as a Speechwriter in the California Governor’s Office during the Davis Administration. John is now a practicing lawyer and started the Smart Business Revolution podcast in 2011. His writing has appeared in Forbes, Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Art of Manliness, Entrepreneur and many more.

Learn from his expertise and what trends are helping grow his firm on this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast!

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