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The Managing Partners Podcast

Andrew Feldstein

Episode # 42
Interview on 04.28.2021
Hosted By: Erik J. Olson
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About Andrew Feldstein

Representing: Feldstein Family Law Group

Andrew Feldstein established Feldstein Family Law Group in 1994. The firm has now grown to include eleven Family Law lawyers and a strong, dynamic support staff.

As the senior lawyer in the firm, Andrew makes it his personal goal to achieve optimal results for all clients of the firm. Andrew’s passion for Family Law has directed his practice to focus exclusively on this area of law.

Andrew created the ‘Ask Andrew’ show, a one-hour, phone-in, question and answer show that is streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. Callers can text, email, call, Facebook message or YouTube comment their questions. All of the questions are answered for free.

Learn more about his podcast and expertise on this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast!

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