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The Managing Partners Podcast

Mark Webber

Episode # 38
Interview on 04.23.2021
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Mark Webber

Representing: Fieldfisher

Mark Webber is the US Managing Partner for Fieldfisher. He is a European digital regulation and technology transactions lawyer. EU privacy and data laws underpin almost every transaction or issue he supports. Mark holds and trains the CIPP/E and is an IAPP Privacy Faculty Member.

With 21+ years of experience in tech, these days he is predominantly advising on technology deals and where cloud, digital and online technologies converge. Where does EU regulation bite? How can the internet, online platforms, partnering, sales channels contribute to sales success and what legal issues or hurdles need overcoming when growing and selling in Europe?

Listen to Mark’s episode of The Managing Partners Podcast to find out the answers!

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