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The Managing Partners Podcast

Min Koo

Episode # 34
Interview on 04.20.2021
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Min Koo

Representing: Infinity Trial Group

After law school, Min Koo worked as a trial attorney working for all major insurance companies. While working at one of the largest insurance defense law firms in the country, her skills and reputation as a trial attorney caught the attention of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company.

Ms. Koo was soon scouted to its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea where she worked for the next several years as the Global General Counsel and the Head of Global Legal for Samsung. As the Head of Global Legal, Ms. Koo was responsible for all individual and class action personal injury, property damage, product liability and commercial litigation worldwide.

Now she is closer to home and has started her own firm, Infinity Trial Group. Learn how she made the transition from serving a successful big business to her own practice on this episode of the Managing Partners Podcast!

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