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The Managing Partners Podcast

Brian Cole

Episode # 303
Interview on 06.18.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Brian Cole

Representing: Array Digital
Brian Cole serves as the digital advertising strategist at Array Digital, where his primary focus lies in managing digital advertising for attorneys.
With a background rooted in content creation beginning in San Diego, Brian has traversed through a career journey that encompassed SEO, analytics, user experience, and brand strategies before finding his niche in paid media.
Based out of Minneapolis, Brian boasts a wealth of knowledge in leveraging Google Ads to deliver quick, tangible results for law firms.
In this special edition of the Managing Partners Podcast, Kevin Daisey introduces a new Tactical Tuesdays series, aimed at providing in-depth insights into marketing, advertising, and SEO strategies with expert guests.
In this episode, Kevin brings on Brian Cole to delve into the specifics of Google Ads for law firms.
The conversation kicks off with Kevin emphasizing the company’s focus on lead generation and conversion for clients, outlining the purpose behind hiring a marketing agency and the expectations for ROI.
Brian takes the helm to discuss the intricacies of Google Ads targeting, including the significance of keyword alignment and geotargeting, and the importance of analytics for campaign optimization.
The duo provides listeners with actionable tips for increasing lead quality, stretching budgets for more leads, and ensuring campaigns are geared towards tangible results.

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