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The Managing Partners Podcast

Frank Rekas

Episode # 299
Interview on 05.23.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Frank Rekas

Representing: Plutus Financial Partners

Frank Rekas hails from a strong background in financial services, boasting an impressive career spanning nearly 33 years.

Originally from Chicago, Frank has been calling Boca Raton, Florida his home for over three decades.

His transition to the warmer climate coincided with his shift from retail hardware into the financial sector.

Frank’s extensive experience, particularly in advising attorneys on financial matters, positions him as a thought leader in the industry.

His expertise spans over various aspects of financial planning, including cash flow management, retirement strategies, and tax optimization.

In this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast, host Kevin Daisey welcomes Frank Rekas to share his wealth of knowledge on financial planning for attorneys.

Frank discusses the common hurdles legal practitioners face in managing their finances and offers valuable insights into proactive financial strategies.

The conversation kicks off with Frank’s personal journey, from his roots in Chicago to becoming a financial savant in the sunny state of Florida.

Frank delves into the common financial pitfalls for attorneys such as procrastination and compartmentalizing financial products without a cohesive plan.

He emphasizes the importance of organizing one’s financial drawer, working with a mentor, and the benefits of having a one-stop financial planning shop.

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