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The Managing Partners Podcast

RJon Robins

Episode # 280
Interview on 01.11.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About RJon Robins

Representing: How To Manage A Small Law Firm

RJon Robins is the founder of How to Manage a Small Law Firm, a company that helps law firms grow and scale.

He has worked with thousands of law firms and has a wealth of experience in law firm management.

RJon Robins shares his journey from being flat broke to building a successful law firm management company.

He emphasizes that anyone can build a million-dollar law firm with the right strategies and systems in place.

RJon explains that law firms are simple businesses to run compared to other industries and that success comes from implementing processes, systems, and procedures.

He also discusses the importance of mindset and personal development for law firm owners.

RJon challenges the notion that marketing and scaling a law firm is unethical, stating that it is an ethical obligation to market legal services and run a profitable law firm.

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