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The Managing Partners Podcast

Rick Watson

Episode # 279
Interview on 01.04.2024
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Rick Watson

Representing: Protection Point Advisors / National Referral Network
Rick Watson is the founder of the National Referral Network (NRN), a platform that connects professionals in various fields such as law, accounting, marketing, and more.
He is also the author of the book “A Firm Worth Building,” which provides insights and strategies for building and growing a successful firm.
Rick Watson joins Kevin Daisey on The Managing Partners Podcast to discuss the importance of building a strong firm that becomes easier to run over time.
They emphasize the need for a clear value proposition, a well-defined culture, and a strong team to support the growth and success of a firm.
Rick also introduces the National Referral Network (NRN), which helps professionals connect and collaborate with each other to provide comprehensive services to clients.

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