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The Managing Partners Podcast

David Crum

Episode # 258
Interview on 06.15.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About David Crum

Representing: Cardinal Concepts

David Crum is the CEO & Co-Founder of Cardinal Concepts in Denver Colorado.

When David Crum graduated from George Washington University with his law degree, most of his classmates were taking positions with large D.C. law firms and positions in government.

Following his true calling, David moved to the high desert landscapes of New Mexico after graduation and founded New Mexico Legal Group at the tender age of 26.

One year later he had settled his first high profile federal case and his law firm was off to the races.

He began to focus his practice in the area of Divorce and Family law, and eventually created two additional law firms, one in Nebraska (his hometown) and the other in Colorado (which he thought was super cool).

In 2016, in response to requests for more information about David’s background, practice philosophy and practice strategy, he wrote the book: Confessions of a Divorce Assassin: What Your Really Need To Know About Your Case, Your Kids and Your Attorney.

This book continues to sell like crazy online and is available for purchase at: Confessions of a Divorce Assassin.

As the CEO of US Legal Groups, David has founded and grown three best in class divorce and family law firms: New Mexico Legal Group, Nebraska Legal Group, and Colorado Legal Group.

David personally recruits and trains the country’s most talented divorce lawyers, who are chosen for their legal skills, their ability to communicate effectively with clients and the courts, and to deliver outstanding results to their clients.

Each firm focuses exclusively in the area of divorce and family law, and it is this unwavering focus on excellence that allows the firms to excel in this area of practice.

Over their many years in practice, David Crum and his then Marketing Director, Brent Harkins, developed marketing strategies that allowed them to dominate their practice areas.

When other firms began asking how David and Brent might help their practices, they created Cardinal Concepts, a marketing firm that assists other divorce and family law attorneys in acquiring more clients and achieving financial freedom.

Learn from his expertise and what trends are helping grow his firm on this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast!

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