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The Managing Partners Podcast

Greg Tomchick and Jeff White

Episode # 252
Interview on 05.04.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Greg Tomchick and Jeff White

Representing: Valor Cybersecurity

Born in Concord, MA., Greg Tomchick attended Florida State College and Old Dominion University before being selected in the 27th round of the 2015 MLB June Amateur Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. A six-foot-four-inch right-handed pitcher, Tomchick played for three seasons in the minor leagues before deciding to pursue his other passion, running a software development company he had founded while earning his Bachelor of Science in Business at the Strome College of Business.

After conducting more than 200 cyber threat assessments for organizations across government and the Fortune 50, Greg co-founded Valor where, as Partner and CEO, he is more committed than ever to helping professional sports organizations, private equity firms, and other digitally evolving businesses to bolster their cyber defenses. Through his unique lens as a former professional athlete, entrepreneur, cyber-attack victim, and cybersecurity expert, Greg and his team are particularly focused on identifying and mitigating cyber threats up front, and, when necessary, countering cyber-attacks with a targeted and strategic set of responses.

Greg and his team at Valor know that the cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, and that only the most informed, nimble, and prepared organizations will remain secure.

Jeff White is a technically savvy cybersecurity executive focused on helping leaders understand business risks posed from today’s evolving digital landscape. Having served as a U.S. Defense Contractor for 6+ years, Jeff values honor, integrity, and providing service excellence to the American Warfighter and beyond. Jeff brings to Valor a track record of providing holistic risk and compliance readiness expertise across a variety of industries, to include Fortune 50 clients.

Jeff currently serves as Partner and Chief Security Officer at Valor Cybersecurity, where he leads a skilled and passionate advisory team dedicated to delivering leaders visibility into the cyber risks facing their industry and recommendation strategies for minimizing risk.

His diversified background enables him to align security strategies that empower leaders and businesses to grow and thrive. Jeff delivers an unrelenting passion for helping and serving others.

Learn from their expertise and what trends are helping grow their firm on this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast!

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