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The Managing Partners Podcast

Danny Ozment

Episode # 248
Interview on 04.06.2023
Hosted By: Kevin Daisey
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About Danny Ozment

Representing: Emerald City Productions

Danny’s background in music has led him to a career in podcasting, where he has become an expert. In this conversation, Danny shares his story of how he got into podcasting and what advice he has for law firms and attorneys looking to get into podcasting. Danny grew up with a dream of being a musician and got a degree in music education and a master’s degree in conducting. He then worked in the nonprofit arts world in Washington D.C. until his first child was born with a brain injury which necessitated one of them needing to have more flexible work to be able to attend appointments. Danny decided to start a business from home and realized he had experience in recording, thus leading him to podcasting. He now shares his knowledge with those looking to enter podcasting to help them use it to their advantage.

Danny had a recording studio business where they recorded acapella groups and traveled to record them. They eventually moved the business to Nashville. However, they started to become frustrated with the lack of consistent revenue and wanted to diversify. After listening to podcasts, they noticed that many of them did not have great sound quality, so they reached out to a few and offered to help them out for free. This eventually led to them charging small fees to help podcasters with editing, show notes, website help, and social media.

Danny runs Emerald City Productions, a podcast production company that helps close to 40 podcasters each week launch, build, and grow their podcast. He started the business six or seven years ago and now has a team of over 12 people, including editors, copywriters, developers, and designers. Danny works with many professional service providers, such as law firms, accounting firms, healthcare practices, and therapists, who are using podcasting as part of their content marketing strategy to grow their businesses. For Danny, podcasting is more than just a soundboard for his business, but also a way to get his message out to his team and other entrepreneurs in the space.

The Managing Partners Podcast is a great way for attorneys to learn more about their industry and the ways their business is growing. The hosts, Kevin and Danny, talk to attorneys to gain insight into how their business is running, what’s working, and what’s not. They also get to learn firsthand by asking questions on the show. Kevin loves it when he has a guest on who has their own podcast and has achieved success with it, as it provides an opportunity to share these success stories with other attorneys. They discuss the steps an attorney should take to get started with their own podcast. Ideas for content, promotion, and engagement are some of the topics covered. Ultimately, a successful law firm podcast can be a great source of valuable content for attorneys, as well as a way to connect with their audience.

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