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The Managing Partners Podcast

Christian Rodriguez

Episode # 244
Interview on 03.09.2023
Hosted By: Erik J. Olson
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About Christian Rodriguez

Representing: Trembly Law Firm

Christian E. Rodriguez is the Managing Partner at Trembly Law Firm located in Florida.

Christian is a Miami native that comes from a family of business owners and entrepreneurs. He has successfully represented business owners in jury trials defending various frivolous claims ranging from breach of contract claims to shareholder disputes to employment discrimination. He also led the litigation team that successfully fended off a potential class action lawsuit in Federal Court against a local for alleged violations of the T.C.P.A. Mindful of the costs of litigation, Christian has also helped several business owners negotiate and avoid potentially devasting damages in overtime cases and ADA Title III cases. Christian has also presented to various legal professionals on topics ranging from A.D.A. Title III to Condominium Law. He was also been interviewed by the Daily Business Review, and that article was also republished by Yahoo! Finance.

Learn from his expertise and what trends are helping grow his firm on this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast!

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