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Managing Partners Podcast Expert Legal Marketing Strategies

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Did you know that the majority of Americans aged 12-54 have listened to a podcast in the last month? Podcasting is at an all-time high in 2023, and it has no expectations to slow down any time soon. Listeners of all ages are tuning in, so what are you doing to take advantage of this growing market?

Learn all about the world of law podcasts, why you should be investing in podcasts, and how you can share your insights into the legal market on The Managing Partners Podcast.

An infographic showing engagement rate of podcast listeners

What is a law podcast?

A law podcast, also called a legal podcast, is an opportunity to share legal knowledge, insights, and conversation on a wide range of legal topics. It could be a place to share issues, discuss misconceptions, or provide encouragement to those facing challenges. Generally, lawyers create and host them, but they may have others join as well. Many have the intention to be listened to by a legal audience. That could be anyone else that is in the legal sector as well.

Legal podcasts may be available for view by other attorneys, law students, paralegals, and even LegalTech investors. They open the door to a wide range of topics that may be beneficial to this audience. That could include bringing in experts to discuss current legal cases or hosting interviews with esteemed colleagues. Other times, it is more of a breakdown of legal information or complex areas of the law.

Legal podcasts should be tailored to the audience desired. Generally, they have a design to help those in the legal industry to remain informed about the latest legal developments.

Consider The Managing Partners Podcast, for example. This particular legal podcast has a design to meet the needs of the marketing industry. It involves interviewing industry experts and managing partners of law firms across the country. We sit down with managing partners of law firms to talk about the best marketing strategies they’ve implemented. Some strategies are more effective for some firms than others dependent on factors such as their field of law, target audience, and geographic location.

 It is an excellent way to get insight into how to apply digital marketing strategy to the legal industry, including the types of techniques that have yielded the best results to increase leads and clients or growing firms.

The Managing Partners Podcast is about sharing highly valuable content. We bring our audience the best guests who have put in the work and have grown their law firms. This provides opportunities for others in the legal marketing industry (including attorneys working to build their firms) with the resources they need to see how to market successfully in the current marketplace.

We have interviewed more than 300 of America’s top managing partners to find out how they’re running their firms, growing their firms, and helping more clients.


Ready to get more inbound leads for your law firm?


Why are legal podcasts beneficial to listeners?

You went to law school, got your license, and handled plenty of challenges in building your legal practice. What do you have to learn about that a podcast can share?

Legal podcasts provide a wide range of benefits, including both to the podcast creators and guests but also to the audience that tunes in to listen. If you have not done so yet, take a few minutes to check out Spotify or Apple podcasts and check out what people are doing. It is quite fascinating.

But, again, why do so? There are numerous benefits to podcasts, but let’s focus first on how they benefit listeners.

The justice system isn’t a static entity that remains the same. As any law professor told you during your education, the law is a fast-moving and ever-changing element that morphs with society. That’s why listeners tune in to listen to podcasts — to gain information about what is happening in the legal industry.

  • Both lawyers and non-lawyers use legal podcasts to monitor legal news and legal developments. This includes everything from legislation around artificial intelligence (AI) to cryptocurrency. It’s an opportunity to gain insight into the current industry.
  • It’s free. At their heart, lawyers are entrepreneurs who want to grow their practice. They need tools like podcasts to organically grow their business without high costs. 
  • Podcasts are in audio format. Unlike watching a video, it’s possible to just listen to a podcast and take in the information. Many people simply prefer to listen rather than watch an interview or go to a seminar.
  • Getting a deep dive into the latest news on your industry or legal sector while driving home for work can make sense to many people. Unlike a video or a blog post, it is possible to stay up to date on the justice system while multitasking.
  • Another important factor to consider is how your potential clients could use podcasts like this. Not only do they learn about your legal services and the legal topics they are interested in, but they also get to learn about the attorney’s personality, viewpoints, and ideas. For small firms, this is an excellent way to stand out and help the community — and your potential leads — get to know you. It showcases your law firm’s values, too.

Keep in mind that podcasts are not for providing legal advice to clients. Rather, they can help position the featured attorneys as thought leaders, increase brand awareness, and work to build a legal career from a very different vantage point.

What are the benefits of appearing as a guest on a legal podcast?

How can appearing on a podcast make a difference to you as an attorney? If you are not ready just yet to launch a podcast of your own, being on one could help to give others a better sense of who you are and what you offer. In fact, it is one of the best legal products for small firms that need to build their brand and gain some attention from larger audiences in high-competition markets.

What is podcast marketing for lawyers?

infographic of the benefits of creating a legal podcast

Ultimately, utilizing a podcast like this allows you to build in some marketing for your law firm. Podcast marketing is a strategy that helps you to protect your law firm and the business itself. When you engage with podcasts, you reach new audiences, and that generates leads. There are various ways to do this, including:

  • Creating your own podcast
  • Networking with existing and relevant podcasts

This brings about a number of benefits to most lawyers, including opportunities to: 

  • Increase your brand awareness. If you want to be known as the law practice to turn to for criminal justice in New York, appearing on podcasts within that demographic is going to help you to reach more people. Every time you appear on a podcast, people hear your name, learn about you, and gain a perspective on what you do.
  • Reach a wider audience. Another key benefit here is that it gives you a much larger focus. You may be using other digital marketing strategies now with good success, but you may be missing out on opportunities from people who aren’t searching online, for example, to find the law practice with which they would like to work. This opens the door for a new audience.
  • Build community. Being a part of a podcast helps you to build a community around your legal practice.
  • Build topical authority and credibility. Podcasts create another way for you to build up your reputation within a sector. For example, it is an excellent way to add valuable content to your website about topics important to your firm, such as criminal law, civil rights, or other topics you represent.
  • Learn about how to manage a law firm from a business perspective. This is an excellent tool for not just startups but also established firms that may want to improve core areas of their service.
  • Humanize you and give you an advantage over competitors. Do you want to be known in the legal profession for who you are or your ability to tackle interesting topics like new legal technology, AI, or even blockchain? Stand out from the competition in a more humanized manner.
  • Generate new leads. Podcasts can be a core component of the marketing you do. It helps you to get out there in front of others, and that means you’ll gain clients.


Ready to get more inbound leads for your law firm?


Meet the digital marketing experts behind The Managing Partners Podcast

Getting to know those behind The Managing Partners Podcast can offer some excellent insight.

  • Kevin Daisey: The Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Array Digital and host of The Managing Partners Podcast, his long history of successfully building legal-focused marketing firms creates a unique opportunity for him to share his perspective. He is also the Founder and Advisor of Rival Digital and has led numerous digital marketing companies over his successful career in the industry.
  • Erik J. Olson: The Founder and CEO of Array Digital, Erik once was an engineer working for a U.S. Department of Defense contractor, but founded 80|20, a marketing agency, in 2013 to move his career in a different direction. He worked to create data-intensive custom web and mobile applications. 

Gain insights from industry leaders to expand your legal toolkit

The Managing Partners podcast is an exciting opportunity to learn. As attorneys, many times, you spend your time teaching and coaching others, but here, you receive new tools, ideas, and meaningful conversation opportunities to build the foundation of your legal practice.

One of the things The Managing Partners Podcast does well is to provide opportunities to discuss important topics with industry leaders. Consider a few of the notable guests on the podcast in recent months.

  • Ken Hardison’s podcast focused on what the “Millionaire Maker” does to help attorneys build their law practices using ethical marketing practices and better engagement tools to capture leads.
  • Cassidy Lewis, a Managing Partner at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, shares how their firm narrows down what marketing methods they focus on and how they work to build their reputation by treating their clients so well.
  • Ben Glass’s episode is packed full of information on the trends in the industry. Glass, who is a Managing Partner at Ben Glass Law, and also a life coach to many of his clients, has been interviewed nationally numerous times.
  • Chris Finney, a Managing Partner of Finney Injury Law, shares insights into the infrastructure of a law firm and how to generate new cases, including how they used an old-school approach along with modern metrics.
  • Chris Schmiedeke’s episode focused on the logistics of managing a law firm as a business. Schmiedeke, a Managing Partner of the Law Office of Chris Schmiedeke in Dallas, offered his take on building business through marketing even as a busy attorney.

These are just some of the most notable clients on the podcasts. They tackle the most pressing questions about digital marketing for law firms and then share proven strategies for generating higher-quality cases. To do this, the podcast also heavily focuses on interviewing the top law firm managing partners who are willing to share how they are better capturing leads using modern digital marketing strategies. The topics are fascinating on The Managing Partners Podcast.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What law firm SEO is and why it’s important
  • How to start a law firm podcast
  • How law firms bring new clients in-house, what works, and what doesn’t work
  • How the legal industry is changing (from the U.S. Supreme Court down to everyday legal issues in the lives of members of the community and the influence of the ABA)
  • Insider strategies for growing and marketing law firms, whether they are general counsel firms, criminal defense, and just about every other sector

If you used to just read Bloomberg Law and focused on building your client base through word-of-mouth, it’s likely the pandemic and digital technology have changed that. The key here is to create a way for attorneys to learn in a way that fits into their practice management. The Managing Partners Podcast is one of the best legal podcasts because it provides hands-on insights and tools for lawyers to apply directly to their business efforts.

There are plenty of other podcasts out there to consider as well. Check out names like Tyson Mutrux, Joe Patrice, J. Craig Williams, Adriana Linares, and The Lawyerist Podcast (those are just a few of the many sharing their insights with those willing to listen).

Want to be a guest? Here’s how!

Managing partners podcast guest insights

Listening to a podcast is an excellent way to get insight and build your practice, but you can also participate and draw in many of the benefits that come from that experience, including building your brand and fostering a sense of thought leadership. Why not jump in and offer your insights?

Take a moment to consider what you could offer in a podcast. For example, what insights do you have from your years of building your practice? Have you worked through challenges? How have you tackled modern digital marketing strategies while becoming a busy attorney?

Take some time to reflect on your own law firm’s successes and failures in marketing and expansion. Condense those thoughts into a few simple paragraphs that outline your objectives and what you learned.

Then, flesh out those paragraphs to include some more details about what helped you get from your starting point to where you are now. Podcasts are great when they provide plenty of detail, but it’s even more successful when you create a clear, concise story that showcases not just what happened but the “why” and “how” behind it.

There’s so much to gain from being featured in a podcast like this. It can help you to stand out from your peers. In fact, the Managing Partners Podcast has a large audience of other attorneys and Managing Partners across the country, and that gives you a bit of an edge when you can share your own best practices. It’s also a great way to help other law firms, especially small law firms and startups, get their foundation set.

If you’re interested in being a guest on The Managing Partners Podcast, contact the hosts now to learn more about the process and what to expect.

If you haven’t done so yet, listen to a few episodes. You can find The Managing Partners Podcast episodes available to you now on Spotify, Apple, Google, YouTube, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio.

Chances are good that you’ll find lots of interesting content to listen to on the way home from your office this week!

Join the podcast movement and let your voice be heard

At Array Digital, we work to support our clients’ biggest and boldest needs, including starting and building their podcasts. Learn how we can help you do that, too. Call us at 757-333-3021 or fill out a contact form on our site to get engaged.

Written By Erik J. Olson
Founder & CEO
Erik J. Olson is the Founder & CEO of Array Digital—a marketing agency that enables its clients to achieve their dreams, fulfill their missions, and impact more lives with their services.

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