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Winning The Day, with Erik J. Olson

Episode #1311

Have you heard of the concept called Winning The Day? Andy Frisella is the CEO of the company called First Form and has the podcasts MFCEO and Real AF. In this episode, Erik shares how the daily power list helps Andy lead to his success.

August 18, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:01):

Winning the day, what is happening? This is Erik J. Olson. There’s this concept called Winning The Day. And it has to do with the power list. And if you’re not familiar with the podcast host Andy Frisella, he is the CEO of a company called First Form. They make athletic supplements, dietary supplements, proteins, things like that. Like protein powder, very successful company. And he has a podcast named Real AF. I’ll let you use your imagination to figure out what the AF means. It could mean an Andy Frisella. It could mean something else. I don’t know. He also used to have a podcast named MFCEO. I’ll also let you use your imagination on what the MF stood for. As you can tell, he’s a kind of over the top, keep it real kind of a guy. And one of the things that he talks about as far as something that has led to his success is what he calls the daily power list.

Now, this is something that I do as well. I have my journal here, which goes pretty much everywhere with me to work home, but I have a power list right here. And here’s my, for today only three things. Usually it’s 5, 4, 6, sometimes today is only three because I’ve looked at my calendar and I know that I have a ridiculous day on my calendar and I only have about two free hours during the day to get stuff done, which means I’m in here early today to record this episode for you. So I got in this morning at seven 30, because by eight 30, it’s on like, I got meetings nine stop and I’m driving to a lunch. And so when I, when I create my power list for the day, I look at my calendar to figure out how crazy the day is gonna be. And those are the things that don’t go on my power list, the, the calendar and, and the meetings don’t go on the power list unless they’re like really, really important.

The power list are supposed to be you 3, 4, 5, according to Andy Frisella. It’s always five things, five things that you’re supposed to do today to move you just a little bit further towards your goals. So it is not a to-do list, like necessarily like I need to clean my desk. That’s, that’s not on your power list. That’s not gonna get you to where you want to be. The powerless are things that contribute to your goals. So, as an example, on my power list today is recording six episodes of the Journey to $100 Million. Why? Because I know that I’m going on a six day business trip in two days, I won’t really have time to record. Then I know I need to keep getting episodes out so that I can keep informing you. But also this moves me closer to my goal. My goal is to be better well known so that more people come to us for things like business coaching for our business acumen and advice, and to hire us for our digital marketing

Services. So I had to keep putting out content, which means that I had to get in here seven 30 in the morning, even though I really don’t want to. Now over the weekend, I was cutting the grass and I was listening to the Real AF episode. And, and in that episode, you talked about the power list and winning the day. And in particular, what he did is he was like, Hey, I get a lot of questions about the power list. I’m gonna refer you back to this old episode of the MFCEO podcast. That was his first podcast. He discontinued. And I went and I listened to it. And, and I, I picked up a tidbit, which was why I wanted to share this with you. So the tidbit that I got that I wasn’t doing before now, Andy feel, feels very strongly that it’s five tasks per day.

That’s cool. I’m down with that. The tidbit was that once you’re done with those five tasks, and it doesn’t really matter how long it takes you to do it, it could be, you’re done by 10 o’clock in the morning, or it could be 10 o’clock at night, right. But when you’re done you now, he says, scratch through the items. I like to put a check box. Like I actually draw a check box, and then I check it off as I go, same thing. But when you’re done with your power list, you write a W on the page. That W means that you won the day. Now that’s the part I wasn’t doing before. So you either write a W or you write an L, guess what the L is for. You’re a loser. You lost, you lost the day. So you may have had a whole bunch of shit going on.

You may have gotten four outta your five tasks on, but you lost the day. Now it’s, you know, like, Hey, you’re gonna lose some days here and there, but what you want is a hell of a lot more wins on the board than losses. If you can continue to put wins on the board, by doing these critical tasks on a daily basis, seven days a week, this is not just Monday through Friday. You don’t get, you don’t get to take the weekends off. You wanna be successful in life. You don’t get to take the weekends off. I’m not saying working eight hour day, but you need to move towards your goals. So every single day, there should be something in here that you do now on the weekends, maybe it’s more personal. Maybe it’s more athletic, maybe go on that long run that you couldn’t quite get in during the week.

And that contributes to your overall personal goals of health and fitness. That’s what I do, right. Or one of my goals is one of my habits I should say is to keep my house clean and improve it on a regular basis. So guess what? On the weekends, power list is cut my grass. That’s like a three hour task. It’s pain in the ass, right. But I get it done. That’s one of the things I have to accomplish that day. And, and I, I do that Saturday and Sunday, again, mostly personal stuff on the weekends now, so much business, but it’s a mix. My life is kind of mixed up like that. Maybe yours isn’t, but maybe it should be. So that’s the concept that I wanted to share today is winning the day.

And again, if you’re watching this video right now, I’m gonna show you, this is my power list for today. There’s three check boxes and they’re not checked. And then here’s my power list from yesterday, which was Sunday. And I got a big w on it. I won that day. I won that day. You know, you know how good it feels to write a big ass w right next to your power list, I’m moving forward closer to my long term goals. Are you, and if not, think about implementing the power list and winning the day yourself,

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