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Why You Need Stalled Emails, with Erik J. Olson

Episode #1379

Erik explains what stalled emails are and why you need them in this episode.

December 1, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:01):
Why you need stalled emails. Hey, this is Erik J. Olson, your host of this podcast episode. So what the heck is a stalled email? Kevin and I recently determined that when a deal is stalled, we really need to have some sort of process in place to try to get it unst installed. So if it’s stuck for some reason, if the client’s like, Yeah, I need to think about it. Well, what we wanna do is now start to have a drip campaign. And we’re building this out one by one, where the drip campaign, what it will do is it will basically try to get them to move. So I’ve come up with a series of emails that I’ve put into our automation, and when we identify a deal as being stalled, then right away things happen. So the first thing that happens, just to kinda walk you through the logic here, is whoever’s deal is not, they get a task that says, Call them and find out why they haven’t bought from us yet.
So as an example, if Kevin is the owner, then I will get a task that says, Call the stalled prospect and find out why they haven’t bought. It’s really that simple. And you call up and you say, Hey, you’ve been talking to Kevin. Let me ask you a question. Why haven’t you bought from us yet? Why haven’t you signed the agreement? And then just shut up and listen to them. So that’s one actually, that’s the second step. I lied. I’m looking at the work flow here. The first step is we send an email pretty soon after we identify them installed actually immediately. And the email is titled, What’s the ROI of your current marketing? So this is a email that I put together that goes into great detail about how do you know if your marketing right now is working? Are you wasting your money?
And then we wait two days, and then one of us gets tasked with making that phone call. We then wait two weeks now remember, this is stall deal. This deal could be stalled for a long time, so I don’t need to hit ’em up every day. We wait two weeks and we send another one, which is an email about unpredictable leads and revenue. Now, that one is all about you need to get some predictability in your company. You need to have some sort of a machine that is generating leads for you. And if you’re not waiting for referrals to come through, it’s completely unpredictable. We wait two more weeks, then another email goes out, and the title is, It’s pretty catchy. I think electricity is a terrible investment. Now, the whole point of this email is that things like rent and electricity are straight up expenses. They’re business expenses. They are not an investment, but marketing is an investment. When you put money in, you get money out, and you can measure the ROI these
Erik J. Olson (02:58):
Days. So when people are like, I don’t know if I can afford marketing, the real question is, can you afford to not market? Wait 14 more days. And then the email that I just sent out, or that I’m sorry that I wrote today is called Building Your Business on Borrowed Land. Now, that’s a phrase that you’ve probably heard of when it comes to social media, but it’s really about directories. These third party law firm directories, and there’s a couple big ones out there, but these can cost hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars. And what you’re hoping for is like you’re competing with all the other lawyers that are up there, and this pertains to lots of different industries, but you’re a commodity. You’re positioning yourself as a commodity. You’re one of hundreds of your competitors on a director, and you’re just hoping that for some reason they’re gonna think yours is better.
It’s crazy. You should be going out and getting your own leads. You should be going to Google and doing SEO and ads and social media and nurturing your own leads. How about something like a lead magnet with some ad money behind it? Stop spending thousands of dollars on directories and start putting some of that money, either all of it or part of it, into your own investment, your own marketing to get your own leads so that you’re not a commodity. That’s what that email is all about. So how many is that? 1, 2, 3, 4 Emails so far in this sequence and then it just kind of stops. But I wanna continue to build it out. One email at a time.

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