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Which CRM Should I Use, with Erik J. Olson

Episode #1302

There are hundreds of CRM or customer relationship management systems you can use. Each CRM has pros and cons. In this episode, Erik shares which CRM should you use.

August 9, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:01):

Which CRM customer relationship management systems should I use what is happening? This is Erik J. Olson. I got asked this question on Instagram, by the way, are you following me? You’re you’re not following me on Instagram. Why are you not following me on Instagram? Go over to Instagram. Just put this on pause, switch apps, cuz you’re probably listening from your phone. Go ahead and switch apps right now. Go to Instagram. Find me there erik.j.olson That’s E R I K dot J dot O L S O N. Go ahead. I I’ll wait. All right. You’re back. Great. So why does it matter which CRM you use or why does it not matter? Which CRM customer relationship management system should you use? There’s a lot of options out there and I mean a like a lot like, like a whole, whole lot. I’m just gonna try to rattle off a few off the top of my head.

Erik J. Olson (01:00):

We’ve got HubSpot, we have active campaign. We have pipe drive. There’s fresh, fresh CRM, I think is one. I mean, there’s so many there’s there’s like literally hundreds of CRMs out there and they all have their good points. They all have their bad points. We hear use HubSpot it’s it’s perfectly good. Right. And I’m sure that these are the ones pipeline active campaign. They’re just, I’m sure they’re equally as good as well. We just happen to use HubSpot there’s pros and cons to each of them. But, but here’s what it really comes down to. You have to use the CRM. You have to, you like, I don’t want to, I don’t wanna stop and record my phone call and what happened on the phone call. I don’t wanna do that, but I have to, I need to, because if I don’t, I will forget what I said to who and when I said it and in particular, like for prospects or active clients, like it’s incredibly and I mean, incredibly valuable, it’s invaluable to be able to go back and recall what you said to someone on what date or what they wrote in their email or you wrote to them.

Erik J. Olson (02:17):

Right? So like in particular, like I’m gonna use like a sales example, but this is for active clients as well. And a sales example after I call and I get some information, I will record it right on my phone, in the CRM, in, in HubSpot, I’ll say what happened? And then I’ll forget about it. Like, and now it’s time to like reach back out to them, say a week later, or maybe I had a meeting with them, like an hour long meeting. And I forget what they said. I mean, we talked to a lot of law firms here as prospective clients. And sometimes, unfortunately like, I’ll forget that I even talked to them. I’ll forget the last time that I met with them, I’ll forget that I had a meeting. Right. I like it’s in there. It’s in my head somewhere, but I just, it’s all jumbled up.

Erik J. Olson (03:04):

I remember the conversation, but I remember from happening, you know, two months ago, instead of two days ago and with another client, so it’s incredibly valuable to have all that information organized. And then before I get on the call with this prospective client in a sales situation, I can go review. Oh yeah, that’s right. I did say that, oh, that’s right. They, this is the problem they have. And I can pick up the conversation where I left off for existing clients. It’s the same way they asked for stuff, you know? And you, you, you, you’re trying to juggle all these things and you can go back. You can see what they emailed, what the conversation was. It’s incredibly valuable. So here’s the real thing about CRMs customer relationship management systems. Like now what I’m about to say is probably debatable, but I’m gonna say it doesn’t matter which one you pick.

Erik J. Olson (03:53):

Now, the reality is there’s probably some you wanna stay away from and there’s best of breed. I, I don’t know where that threshold is between the ones you wanna stay away from. And, and the ones that you probably wanna try. I would go with some of that’s a little more best of breed. One that’s more popular. Like the ones that I rattled off before, pipeline’s a big one, active campaigns, a big one. Hubspot’s a big one. I’m sure there’s others that I don’t even remember or know and what they are, but just pick one of ’em. Right. Just do a quick evaluation and try one out. Especially one that has a, a free trial would be very nice. Right? And HubSpot has that. So pick one, go with it. But here’s the real key.

Erik J. Olson (04:33):

You have to have the discipline to use it. That CRM is not going to do the work for you. It’s not, it’s not gonna sit there and, and try to figure out what you said on your phone conversation. It’s not that smart yet. It’s not gonna read your mind, right? It’s not gonna send the contract for you. You still have to do all that work. Right. But what it will do is it will help you manage what happened so that when you’re going into a follow situation, you’re not going in forgetting what you already promised said, or what they said to you, right? You have to have the discipline to use it. Like most things in life. This is not just about business, but certainly in business, but like most things in life, if you do not have the personal discipline, the personal responsibility, the wherewithal to make something happen. If you don’t have that drive, if you don’t have that discipline, it ain’t gonna happen. And if you don’t have the discipline or maybe you’re like half discipline, you’re gonna do a half ass job and you might, might as well, not even do it. So either you’re gonna do something and do it well, or just don’t do it. Right? So the question is like a false question. It’s a false situation, which is the best CRM. It doesn’t matter. Pick one, go with it and then have the discipline to

Erik J. Olson (05:56):

Continue to use it. Use it, get value out of it. If you need to switch to another one, right? The tool is not important. There are hundreds of them. What’s important is using it and working it into your daily routine. And that’s the hard part. That’s the part you have to overcome. So the real question is, are you going to use a CRM or are you gonna find excuses? And a lot of people, they find excuses. Like, I don’t know which one to pick, pick one, go with it, use it, be disciplined.


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