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Two Immutable Laws Of CTAs, with Erik J. Olson

Episode #1256

Find out what is a CTA and why would you should use one.

June 24, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:00):

What is a CTA and why would you use one?

What is happening? I am Erik J. Olson, your host for this Journey To $100 Million, a CTA CTA, the three letter stand for call to action. Now, what is a CTA in particular? It’s a call to action. Meaning you are trying to persuade someone to take some action right now, a lot of times on a website, people will have a quote CTA, which is contact us or call us or email us. That is not a CTA. That is just like some sort of request, or really just giving people the ability to reach out for whatever reason to, but it’s not a call to action. What’s the action. Now a call to action is where you technically, what you want is for them to provide you with their contact information. From a sales perspective. Now a call to action is often used for someone to get a lead generation magnet.

Erik J. Olson (01:06):

So a lead generation magnet is something that you give away effectively for free, but there is a cost. The cost to the person that gets this thing is their name and their email address. And maybe some other contact information like a phone number. So they provide something of value, their personal information so that they can be contacted in a sales situation and they get something of value. Now that’s something of value that lead generation magnet could be an ebook. It could be a physical book that’s mailed to them. It could be a video that they can watch. It could be a white paper. It could be a checklist. It could be a free consultation. It could be like a lot of different things. So a call to action is where you are specifically asking them to do something. Now we are using HubSpot marketing pro here, and they have calls to action built in, which is really cool the way they do it.

Erik J. Olson (02:01):

So you, you can create one call to action that has variations. So let’s say a call to action is download my guide. You can have a variation that says, download my how-to hire an agency guide, or you could have another one. That’s blue, one that’s green, one that’s yellow. And you could take a snippet of code, like an embed code, drop it on your website. And each time you refresh HubSpot will show a different variant of that call to action. Now that’s important because sometimes most of the time you don’t know which words in your call to action will lead to the most action being taken. You don’t know what colors are going to influence people the most. Now, sometimes, actually most times I should say there’s an obvious choice, which is you

Erik J. Olson (02:58):

Really want call to action buttons that are red. Red means stop versus green, which means go, there’s some psychology there, but don’t just take my word for it. Test it out yourself, right? So you could test this using HubSpots call to action feature. Or if you use WordPress, there’s tons of plugins that do this as well. And it will collect data over time to figure out how many people are clicking on each variant of the call to action, to figure out well, to tell you like it doesn’t figure it out for you. It’ll tell you, Hey 90% of the time this one variant was clicked on, but only 10% of this time, this other variant was clicked on. Once you have that data, what do you do with it? You get rid of the variant that sucks. And you start doing more like the variant that works, right? So the goal is to have a call to action that is used a lot. And in order to do that, you need testing. But the key here is test, test, test, don’t assume. And then also your call to action itself needs to be something besides contact us. That’s not a call to action. If you have any questions about calls to action, you can reach out to me. Erik J. Olson by email at or hit me on Instagram I’m there @erik.j.olson.

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