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The State Of Digital Marketing Pillar 3: SEO

Episode #1263

SEO is not an instantaneous thing. In this episode, Erik shares how to get a great SEO value.

July 1, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:03):

Cool SEO search engine optimization. The key to search engine optimization, which was a very high, uh, result in the poll that Kevin did is what’s on your website. Now there’s other factors there’s on page, there’s off page, but the bulk of your SEO value comes from the words that are on your website and what you do with those words. But the basics are that you want content on your website, that a human being would be interested in reading. And that last part’s important, cuz it’s not just a whole bunch of keyword stuffing and throwing that keyword all over the place. If a person’s not interested in it, Google’s to the point where they’re sophisticated enough where they’re algorithm real, <affirmative> where their algorithm realizes that and they will, they won’t reward you. They may not penalize you, but they won’t reward you. So the screenshot that I have here is from our website, all of the articles we write articles nonstop.

Erik J. Olson (01:13):

Uh, what do we producing now about a, an article a week at least. And we’d love to ramp it way up. So think about the questions that your customers have, that they’re gonna type into Google, whatever that question is, write an article about it and be very, very focused on that article. Stick to that topic that goes super deep inch wide mile deep. Google will pick it up eventually and hopefully they’ll reward you so that when someone types that title of your article or something very close, your article will come up in the search results. They’ll click through. Now they’re on your website. Once they’re on your website, what can you do? You can retarget them. You can also give them a lead magnet. You can get their email address, right? There’s a lot of things you could do, but you gotta get them out of one system like Google and into another that’s yours.

Erik J. Olson (02:14):

All right, more and more. We are seeing things like position zero happening. This is an example of an article that we wrote. We also have a video on that page, which helps with SEO. The video is the exact same content as the written word on this article. But Google likes to see a video going along with each article. And this is where when you type in this phrase, traditional versus digital advertising, not only are we number one, but we’re actually, what’s called number zero. This is position zero. And you get this little card here at the very top above the normal results. This is what you wanna strive for. You want to be

Erik J. Olson (02:59):

Position zero as much and as frequently as possible. So think about these searches that people do. Those searches are going to turn into keywords and articles and that’s what you need to be writing about. And again, write about it very narrowly, but very, very deep. So on this particular article, we didn’t think it was gonna be a hit for us. It was just something that I, frankly I wrote probably some weekend we put on the website, it was okay. And then we started to notice that it was climbing in the rankings and we were getting more and more people clicking through from Google to our website. So at some point we upped our game and we rewrote it, made it longer. We saw improvement, we added the video. We saw improvement. We did more. We did more. We did more. What percentage of our traffic comes from this 50, 30, more than 50% from this one article. It’s crazy. So with SEO, if you focus, you can have good results, but here’s the real issue. Zero se. All right. So the other one was called position zero. That’s where you actually do make the search results.

Erik J. Olson (04:18):

Zero C is where Google puts the answer at the top right now this is a threat for businesses. And it’s something you should really think about depending on what business you’re in. This could be a significant threat for you. So how to test for mobile friendly. This was a search that I did and I was putting this talk together a couple weeks ago. Cause I couldn’t remember the URL and up popped the answer from Google. I didn’t have to go to some other website. I just went right into Google. Google had the text box and I put in what I would normally put into someone else’s website. This is Google providing functionality that they normally delegated to a website potentially like yours calculator, same exact thing. Right. All right.

Erik J. Olson (05:12):

Uh, here’s another one I thought about going vegan for a while. So I was looking for vegan food that, uh, that has protein and I popped this one. Yeah. And, uh, I didn’t know how to say it. I didn’t wanna say Satan. That didn’t sound right. And so I was like, this is literally what I typed in and the answer came up with a little, uh, speaker, you can click it and you can find out that it’s pronounced say pan, I didn’t know that <laugh>, this is something I would’ve normally have gone over to you know, run my query. They would Would’ve showed me an ad. And then the little speaker would’ve popped up there. I would’ve got, you know, to hear it no more. I don’t need to do that anymore. So imagine if your business was, this is a massive threat

Erik J. Olson (05:57):

To you. So something that you, if you rely on something like one of these three in order to get traffic or whatnot, you rethink what you’re doing. Google wants to keep you in their ecosystem and they’ll do whatever they can to keep you there, voice SEO. So, uh, when, when we say that, uh, the phrase, voice, what we’re really talking about are things like the Amazon, uh, Alexa and echo and Google home. That’s really kind of the voice ecosystem. And, uh, we mess around with that a little bit. Uh, it’s not a service that we offer, but we’re, we’re very in tune with what’s going on with the voice. Voice is making its way over to normal SEO. When someone puts in a phrase in Google and especially when they say it, right? So how many of you have done this? You go to, uh, on your phone and you press the little microphone and you say, whatever it is that you’re searching for, that’s a voice search you’re using normal language.

Erik J. Olson (06:59):

You may use it in different, uh, different words in different order and, uh, different context even than if you were to actually type it in. So this is what search SEO is all about. A lot of searches. I don’t have the stat off the top of my head, a ton of searches, certainly around 30% these days, maybe 20% are happening through voice search. This is a big up incoming thing. The way that you get found through voice searches is to have voice of voice content on your website and a very, very, very good way to do that is take the reviews that people have given you that maybe on other websites, maybe on Facebook or, or even in Google and bring them into your website. It does two things, obviously it’s validation right off the bat. It helps your perspective. Customer know that you’re legit and you’ve had previous customers, which is great. But from the voice SEO perspective, this is someone kind of rambling on about what you do in a long, probably not well thought out format. This is very, very good for search SEO. So if you have those kinds of reviews, get them on your website immediately.

Erik J. Olson (08:12):

Next, something really important for local businesses. As a matter of fact, this is probably one of the biggest things that you could do for a local business. If you wanna be found in a local proximity, in a physical location, and that is Google my business. So what I have here is I did a Google search where I knew that our, um, our information was gonna come up on the right, our Google, my business was gonna come up on the right. And there it is. Let’s go into this in a little bit of detail. So it blew it up a little bit. The very first thing is reviews. These reviews are super important. Google likes for you to have Google reviews. Now you may be asking people to

Erik J. Olson (08:54):

Give you a review in places like Facebook or somewhere else. We recommend always ask for a Google review. It’s questionable exactly how much influence this has on your search rankings and SEO, but it’s estimated somewhere between 12 and 25%. Google wants to see lots of five star reviews the more, the better. So we recommend always ask for a Google review every single time. And then the next thing is this address. This is really simple, but make sure it’s correct. Project out five to 10 years, we already have autonomous vehicles. But one day when you leave an event like this, you’re gonna hop into a driverless Uber. And you’re gonna say, take me to array digital. If that address is wrong, you’re gonna get dropped off somewhere. You don’t wanna get dropped off, right? This will affect businesses, certainly affect retail in particular. So make sure that that’s correct.

Erik J. Olson (09:56):

It’s super simple, right? You just need to make sure that what’s there represents the truth. A few more things that are really important when it comes to SEO in Google, my business, there’s a place where anybody can ask a question and it can be answered. Now you, as the business owner or the marketer whoever’s representing the business can ask a particular question that you’d like to answer. Think about what your customer’s asking you think about when you’re in a sales situation and they ask you a question and you answer it in person, ask that question and then answer it yourself. As the business, we have done experiments in the office where we have seen an immediate, literally within seconds of us putting in a question and an answer that are listing increased in ranking. Very powerful. So Google uses this. Think about the questions that your customers ask you.

Erik J. Olson (11:04):

Them also in Google, my business, there’s something called posts. Not a lot of people use this. It’s very similar to an Instagram style post. You can’t put as much text in, but it’s an image. It’s a square image. And then you have some information you can put in there. We’ve run another experiment where we decided to put in a post with a particular keyword that we were gunning for. And we saw an instantaneous improvement in SEO value. Now the instantaneous part is what amazed us because SEO is not an instantaneous thing. You don’t put an article up and check five minutes later and you’re number one that doesn’t happen. SEO is a long game. It takes months, many months, maybe a year. Really

Erik J. Olson (11:52):

It’s a big investment, but this will give you an instant boost. It’s free. Google wants you to use it, to use it. Lots of different things we covered here. We went into some, uh, decent depth on SEO. So SEO is about writing. There’s more to it, but the core is writing. So start writing, get comfortable writing. If that’s not, you find someone in your organization to write. If you can’t find anybody, hire somebody, get written content on your website. That’s the basics. There’s more to it, but that’s the basics you want to increase in ranking, preferably to position zero. Think about voice and how you can incorporate voice reviews. Get those reviews onto your website and Google my business, go all in on. If there’s a Google, my business feature use it’s that simple. You’ll get great SEO value out of it.

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