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The Importance Of Setting Client Expectations, with Erik J. Olson

Episode #1356

We’ve all heard that setting expectations for others is essential for getting everyone on the same page. Erik shares the significance of setting client expectations in this episode.

October 24, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:02):
The importance of setting expectations with your clients. What’s happening? It’s Erik J. Olson. You know, we, we all know that setting expectations for people is critical so that you’re all on the same page, right? There’s a saying, and we all, you know, you gotta get on the same page. Well, this applies to your clients as well, but also to your perspective clients. The sooner that you can tell your clients and your prospective clients how you operate as a company, the smoother things will go when you start to operate as a company with that client. Now, here’s what I mean. Now, we work with a, a lot of lawyers. We, we work, like all of our new clients are lawyers these days, and they’re very capable people. They can make decisions and they can charge ahead, and they can basically, if it’s, if there’s a, a void of leadership or a void of like, some sort of process, something, they will fill it.
So it’s incredibly important that we not only know what our process is, but we tell them and show them, we have our process for doing this thing. Here’s how it’s going to unfold. We are the experts. When we work with you and you work with us, we’re gonna go through steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Of course, we can adjust here and there to suit, you know, your schedule or the, the engagement. But we have a process. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. We can go through it fast if we need to. Sometimes we go through it slow, but we have a process and I think it’s incredibly important as soon as possible. And before, before the client becomes a client in the sales process, you need to start educating them that you have a process. Roughly what it is. Don’t worry. Our team has a process. We’ve done this a thousand times. We’re gonna walk you through, we’re gonna hold your hand through the process.
We make it painless, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s coming up every step of the way. And then when they become a client, you need to do just that. So one of the things that we are laying out right now is our 90 day experience. The first 90 days of a client being a client. What do we need to do? What meetings do we need to have? Who do they need to meet with based on what services are coming up? What’s the frequency of these meetings? Who’s gonna lead the meetings? What’s the agenda for the meetings? We are organizing all of this. Rebecca is leading that charge. She’s doing a fantastic job. And now that we have the list of meetings, we have the agenda written out, I’m gonna start shooting videos here in the office that we can send in advance of that meeting to tell the client the purpose of the meeting that’s coming up, what they need to be thinking about, and any homework that we need them to do between the moment they get that email and the meeting that comes up. And once we have that,
Erik J. Olson (02:58):
Think about this. Imagine this, you’re at a kickoff meeting and the, and, and the person who’s running the kickoff meeting, your account manager says, Okay, Bob to next week we’re gonna have a design meeting and I need you to start thinking about websites that you like or don’t like. So come up with a list of five to 10, and then the account manager sends an email afterwards and puts that in writing and says, Please watch this video within the next 24 hours or 48 hours. Watch this video. And it’s Erik coming on saying, Hey client, we’re so excited we’re about to start the design process with you. Here’s a few things that I need you to be aware of. Number one, we have a process, the steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Now before the next meeting with our team, I need you to go and scour the internet and pick five to 10 websites that you like.
But not only that, what is it about each website that you like or don’t like? Do you like the colors? Do you like the shapes? Do you like the images? Do you like the people? Do you like the background? I need you to identify what you like and come prepared to this next meeting, which will be happening in a few days so that our design team knows what you have in mind. And then when that second meeting comes, like we’re actually in the meeting, the account manager or the project manager or the design can say, Wow, Great. All right. So hey look, just to recap between last meeting and this meeting, you were supposed to gather five to 10 websites. Did you have a chance to do that? Yes, I did. Great. And then you continue with the meeting. Just imagine like how much smoother that would be versus every single time you’re like inventing and reinventing and changing the way you do things. Come up with the way that you want to do things, document it, educate it, set the expectation early with clients, preferably before they’re actually clients. Let everybody know what page they need to be on and then keep going back to that page.

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