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Take Care Of Your Main Income Stream, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1258

Kevin hears that a lot of people want side hustles like to do real estate investing or crypto stocks. In this episode, Kevin shares how could you do those things.

June 26, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:01):

Take care of your main income stream.

What’s up everybody. This is Kevin Daisey here. So everyone comes to me or I hear a lot of people talking and see it online or all over the place that people want to hustle. Grind, get into side hustles, do real estate investing, crypto stocks, all that stuff. They want to build wealth and they wanna save money and they wanna get into other things. And so on this episode, I’m really just talking about how you do those things. And in order to do those things, you really need to take care of and stay focused on your main source of income. So if you work for somebody, you need to continue that and show up, do your work, do the best you can, because if that’s your only income, you can’t invest, you can’t do other things. If that gets compromised, if you run your own business like me or Erik, we can’t lose focus on our agencies.

Kevin Daisey (01:04):

And then that income starts to go down. And, that affects our ability to invest in other things, real estate crypto stocks, whatever it might be. So you gotta maintain that main source and increase that constantly trying to increase your income. And when I say mainstream, I’m talking about like, you know, what, what, you know, you can make the, the place where, you know, you can make money. That’s been consistent over time. So maintain that, grow that income that allows you to do other things and to put money where you want to. So if that’s not protected, then again, and I’ve done this in the past too. I’ve, I’ve UN got unfocused on my main business and had that go down. Clients, not coming in the, the money going down lower and lower, and then just came back to refocus and say, all right, I have to focus on this.

Kevin Daisey (02:00):

This is what I know works. And I grew it back. And then of course we, you know, started to Array Digital and, and wherever where we are now, but, but I’ve had those times where I’m like, Hey, I wanna do something different. Or let me focus on this other idea or project. But the problem is with those, they don’t always generate money and sometimes they don’t generate money at first or at all. So all you’re doing is compromising your main source. So make sure you have a main source of income. However, you make money. That’s consistent work on growing that if you can, until you can pull away from that completely because other things have done well for you. You have to have that, cuz if not, you’re compromising everything. If you lose that position or that job, because you’re not focused, you’re not there. Then now you’re gonna have to start pulling from whatever investments you do have to provide for yourself. So take care of your mainstream income, try to grow that as big as you, you possibly can.

Kevin Daisey (02:59):

And even as you start to invest and do well, keep that stream because that’s gonna provide you with consistent stream of income and everything else is growing separately to help build that wealth and that retirement, whatever you’re looking to do. So big tip, focus on how you make money. Don’t lose, focus on that.

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