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Soften Up Your Audience Before An In-Person Event, with Erik J. Olson

Episode #1367

Erik and Kevin are heading to Fort Lauderdale for a face-to-face conference. Erik shares how he prepares the audience for the conference in this episode.

November 10, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:01):
Softening up your audience before you go to an in-person event. Hey, what is happening? This is Erik J. Olson. In about a week and a half, Kevin and I fly to Fort Lauderdale. By the time you listen to this, we may have already returned, but a week and a half from when I record this, we’re going to Fort Lauderdale for an in-person conference. Now, as part of our sponsorship of that conference, we got a list of the attendees. Unfortunately, they didn’t give us the email addresses. If they did, we would’ve blasted them with emails. But what we got was the attendees name, the name of the company, and their physical address. And I’m like, Hmm, what are we gonna do with this? Well, really the only thing that you can do, and by the way, per their terms, you can’t like reverse look up their emails and whatnot.
So I was like, But you are allowed to send them a letter, a snail mail letter. So that’s exactly what we did. So starting about, God, about three weeks ago, I wrote up a letter that said, Hey, we’re gonna be attending and we’d really like to get to know you there. And in this letter, I can’t get to know you, but I would like to start to tell you a little bit about us. And I went on to talk about how we run a world class digital marketing agency, where we help our clients generate more revenue, hire more people, and help more clients solve their common problems, whatever problems that our clients help their clients solve. And then I also said, this was lawyers, by the way. So I said, By the way, you can learn even more about us if you listen to our podcast, the Managing Partners podcast.
That’s the other podcast that we have. So, excuse me, I had to take a drink of water there. So I first, I wrote the letter, then I’m like, Okay, let me look at this list. Should I send this to the entire list? And there’s a couple hundred people in there, Excuse me again. Geez, I am not gonna edit that out. We’re just gonna keep on rolling. So I looked at the list and I’m like, Hey, wait a second. A lot of these people actually are not our ideal clients. So I filtered the list down. There were a couple different ways I could filter it, but I filtered it down to just the attorneys that were attending. That’s our ideal prospect. They were a handful. I asked FedEx office if they could print the envelope and the letters. And they said basically, No, they don’t do that. So I’m like, Well shoot. So guess what? We did it anyways. We did it here in the office. We printed the letters, we printed the envelopes. It was kind of a pain. We didn’t have stamps, <laugh>. So it took a little while to print the letters, print the envelopes, stuff the envelopes with the right letter into the right envelope
Erik J. Olson (02:59):
And then seal ’em all and then go to the post office, buy stamps and put them on one at a time. By the way, the post office, at least here, will not, If you give ’em a big stack of letters, they will not put the postage on for you. They don’t have a machine or anything like that. You have to do yourself. Don’t take a couple hours. But look, the whole point of this is that I want to soften them up so when we show up in a week and a half, hopefully they have received our letter, have already opened it, and they’re like, Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard of those guys, Erik and Kevin from Array Digital. So I think if you’re gonna do an in person event, especially a conference, and you get the list, you need to do something with it. If you’re a sponsor, you’re paying for that list. You need to use it. So figure out a way to soften them up. So either a snail mail letter like I did, cause I didn’t have email, but if you have email, absolutely email them. And if you have both, absolutely do both. You’re paying good money for the list for sponsorship to fly to wherever you’re flying for hotels, make the most of it.

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