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SEO For Lawyers, by Erik J. Olson

Episode #1269

We work with a lot of lawyers and we do a ton of organic and local SEO for them. In this episode, Erik shares how SEO helps lawyers get more leads.

July 7, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:01):

S E O for lawyers.

What is happening? I am Erik J. Olson. Yeah. SEO for lawyers. This is a big deal. So we do a ton and I mean, a ton of SEO for lawyers. And, and why do I wanna do an episode about this topic? Well, a couple reasons. So one is if you’re a lawyer and you’re listening and you want more leads, you want more cases. You wanna keep your case pipeline, full you to check out our offering over at So we work with a lot of lawyers and we do an awful lot of SEO, organic and a local SEO. And what’s great about SEO is like when, when you do a, a search in Google, you get the search engine results page also known as the se S E R P the SERP. So you may hear people that know SEO, talk about SERP results or just SERP.

Erik J. Olson (00:57):

So that starts off with advertising at the very top of the search engine results page. Right? So if you search for like a lawyer near me or something like that, uh, car accident, Michigan, the very top, which fills up almost your entire screen, if not the entire thing, right? Probably on a phone, on a phone, it does. And it fills up your entire screen first with ads and there’s three, four ads, something like that. Right? And, and so it’s all ads right off the bat. And then it’s the organic results. So below the ads is where Google shows you the non ADS, the non-paid for the organic results. So Google makes all of their money off of advertising, which is why those ads are at the very top front and center. But guess what people do, people actually skip over those ads and they go to the organic results instead.

Erik J. Olson (01:58):

How many people, well, what do you think, do you think it’s like, I don’t know, 10%, 20%, half, maybe half the people not even close, only 3%, only 3% of people click on the ads. 97% of people skip over the ads and go to the organic results. Now let’s, let’s restate how those search engine result pages look. The very top is nothing but ads. The entire screen that you get from the top of the screen to what’s called the fold, which is to the visible part of the results ads. People have to actually take action to avoid those. They have to scroll past those ads. They have to take some action, have to do some work in order to get past those ads, to get to the organic search results. 97% of people. And by the way, people

Erik J. Olson (02:58):

Are lazy by default we’re, it’s, it’s a human condition to conserve energy, right? And so by default, we don’t wanna do any more work than we need to, but we, we will do that work 97% of the time. Why, why is that? Why do you think people would 97% of the time skip over the ads and go right to the organic search results? I’m sure there’s tons of theories. I’m sure there’s a lot of actual, really solid theories and reasons for doing it, but my own personal thought. And frankly, I haven’t done the in depth research and discussion, but me as a Google user for many, many years now, and working with many hundreds of clients over the years as well, and doing SCL and advertising, by the way we do advertising as well. I believe in that, but why do people skip over those ads that are at the very top, the easy ones to click on?

Erik J. Olson (03:57):

Why do people do that work to skip over it? Because they trust the organic results. More 97% people trust the organic results more than the paid results. Now let’s get back to the topic, SEO for lawyers. Why is that important? Well, when you’re hiring a lawyer, you need to trust that that person is going to evangelize for you, is going to represent you, is going to take your case and do the right things and treat you properly. And that’s where organic ties in, right? There’s a trust factor with organic. And when it comes to being a lawyer, the judicial, easy for me to say judicial system, there’s a high degree of trust that’s required. So when people look for lawyers, they need to trust the lawyers, which means they’re gonna skip over the paid ads and they’re, they’re going to go. And they do go 97% of the time to the organic listing.

Erik J. Olson (05:04):

So as a lawyer, and actually this goes beyond just lawyering, but as a lawyer in particular, you wanna show up on the first page, preferably positions one, two or three of the organic search results. So SEO for lawyers, very, very important. You should think about it. You should go after it. You should invest in it. And by the way, it, it is an investment. I would like you to rethink the money that you spend on that. It’s an investment because you’re building up SEO value over time. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Whereas with advertising, you spend the money, you boom, very quickly get to one level based on your budget, and then you stay there. And if you stop spending, you don’t drop slowly. You go to zero immediately. I have a client, I just met with him this morning

Erik J. Olson (05:56):

And he doesn’t always pay his bills on time. And even if we have to stop his ads for one day, he takes huge steps back in the number of leaves that he gets. And not just for that one day, but for like a week or two after that. Because when you stop running Google ads, and then you start again, it’s like starting all over again. So the Google advertising algorithm is the most. It’s probably the most comprehensive and advanced artificial intelligence in the history of the world. Why do I say that? Cuz Google makes a, a gajillion dollars every minute. And it’s all based on the artificial intelligence of their algorithm and their advertising. And so trust me, they have an incredibly advanced artificial intelligence system in place, but it needs time to learn. So when you tell it to stop, the world is changing, right?

Erik J. Olson (06:54):

The world is changing all around these ads. And if you stop the ads, then you’re not participating anymore, right? You’re out. The world keeps changing. Even for that one day, think about all the ads that are running all the business that’s conducted in one day, just one day, any day of the week, any day of the year, you pull the ads and boom, everything’s different a day or two later when you come back in and you decide to join the game again, Google’s gotta figure out where you are, where everyone else is. There’s a learning process. There’s a week or two delay. So if you pull your ad dollars, boom, you’re, you’re really shooting yourself in the foot more for than just the days where you advertise. But with SEO, it’s different. That doesn’t happen. If you pull your ads for, or your, your SEO dollars for a little while, you’ll hover at the same value for a bit. Now, if you don’t invest over time, you will experience degradation. So your rankings will decrease over time as Google finds out and is aware that you’re not doing anything anymore, but if you turn it back on, you’ll climb back up. So it’s not a all or nothing situation like with ads, it’s a gradual increase over months. So back to the topic, SEO for lawyers, I believe when it comes to being a lawyer, that is a great investment of your dollars.

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