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Recurring Revenue, Projects, and Sprints, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1370

In this episode, Kevin explains how projects and sprints are helping us in continuing to increase monthly profitability.

November 16, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:01):
Recurring revenue projects and sprints. What’s up everybody? Kevin Daisey here. So I wanna kind of break down what we’re doing now, different from what we always preach and what we’ve done in the past couple years. We talk a lot about MRR or recurring revenue as being a big thing that changed our business and our lives, making things predictable, steady flow of income contracts. And so we get a certain amount of revenue every month that we can count on and work to grow. That revenue allows us to hire and pay for things, and we collect our money up front very quickly. That’s been the way we’ve done it for the last three plus years. Fast forward to now, we have started to do some other things like projects which are very familiar with. So a lot of companies do project work. We also have sprints, which are basically projects, but it’s a way that we do our marketing.
So think about SEO as big an SEO content. Say a client wants really good results for SEO in a particular vertical and maybe a new area for them that we haven’t focused on yet. Well, we might recommend a sprint, which is basically, instead of taking six months to a year to build out this content and put content up as we go, we might do it in a larger what we call a sprint and say like a 30 day period or maybe two months. So they say it’s take two months and we do 20,000 words. We do back links and all those things. So we can do that in what’s called a sprint. Their monthly recurring contract stays steady with us. So say they’re spending 5,000 a month, but they’re still spending the 5,000 a month. But instead of doing more copy over time, we might suggest when a lot of copy in a short amount of time to give us the jump that we need.
And then we continue on a monthly basis to add content and back links and stuff like that. So for really from a SEO perspective, we’re doing content in sprints. We can do link building in sprints Localized SEO we can do in sprints. So that’s kind of where that’s come from. On the project side, we used to do no upfront cost and it’s just monthly. So say we’re building a website, we say, Hey, it’s just monthly. And then we build the website for you. Well now it’s monthly and we do a project upfront, which is significant amount of money that we’re collecting, not in one payment. Maybe we’ll split it up over two or three payments. But when it looks, when we look at our books and we see these project fees coming in, makes a huge difference on our profitability. So
Kevin Daisey (02:58):
We’ve definitely started to add in more projects, also sprints with existing clients and that’s really helping us get the profitability up on a monthly basis. And so we’re definitely going more projects, we’re gonna do more sprints. It’s good and flexible for our clients as well because we don’t have to sign a new contract necessarily to do a sprint project. We can continue with our normal services and we can do these boost and content and other things like that along the way. So it’s a good option for our clients. Their monthly expenses don’t increase cuz they wanna control their cash flow. So again, we preach MRR all day long. We were a hundred percent MRR up until this year. Now we are starting to see a lot of projects build up, which are great. I never wanna rely on projects only ever again. So the MRR is still huge. It’s most of our revenue but these projects are icing on the kick. So think about that with your business. If you can get that MRI going, what can you sell on top of that that maybe is a one off? It’s not repeated, but it still goes right to the bottom line and it can help your business a lot.

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