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Making Decisions Without Your Stakeholders, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1368

Kevin and Erik sometimes made the mistake of making decisions without seeking the input or approval of key stakeholders. In this episode, Kevin explains why you should never make rash decisions.

November 14, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:00):
Making decisions without key stakeholders. What’s up everybody? Kevin Daisey here. So this is a business tip as running a business, Erik and I sometimes we make this mistake. So this would be making decisions without getting the opinion or buy-in from our key stakeholders. These would be our top employees, our managers, supervisors, people that care about us. And not saying that everyone doesn’t, but these folks are closely held. They care about the business, they’re trying to help us grow the business and they feel their opinion is important and we should value that opinion. And sometimes we like to make quick decisions and sometimes we make decisions too quickly and don’t bring in the right folks. And I think a little bit of this is probably because in the past we haven’t had that luxury of saying we have folks that are interested in that or that have the wherewithal or the position in the company to even do that.
Now we have some senior level folks, Director of operations Gary, which you probably heard his name on this podcast, but we tend to make a decisions very quickly. And now Gary’s running a lot of things here and he’s really shaped a lot of what we’re doing and the team and processes. We need his opinion and buy in when we make decisions. So that’s just one example. But Erik and I both need to step back and say, Okay, well we can make this decision right now. Boom. I can do that on pricing. Hey I think we should do this with the price. I think we should drop the price here and we can give them this or whatever. Cause I’m trying to bring in work and sales, but how does that affect the team? How does that affect our operations? If we can’t afford to hire enough people because I sold a bunch of stuff at a low price just to get it in the door, then I can gotta tell them, Hey, well we don’t have enough profit and revenue, but they’re crushed by the work.
So again, there’s decisions that have to be made, but we also need to have time to bring in the right folks to say, Hey, we’re thinking about making this decision. What do y’all think? And have a process for that. We now hold a leadership meeting weekly to discuss these things and go over these types of issues hopefully that we can work through these. But you can get in a lot of trouble as you grow. You bring in people to make decisions and then take that power away from them by making decisions too quickly. Now, as owners, you should be able to make your own decisions. Just think about the fallout and the issues it can cause. So if it has to be made, then you have to do it. But you need to let them know, Hey, by the way, had to make this decision.
Kevin Daisey (02:58):
You’re out of town, you’re on vacation. I don’t have time to talk about it. This had to be done. I let them know and alert them as fast as possible. If you can and you have a process you can follow, bring them in. Get their opinion, get value, their opinion. It doesn’t mean you have to take their opinion and change your mind, but have those conversations. Take the time to do that. It’s gonna avoid a lot of issues and your people don’t deserve to have you walk overtop them like that. So don’t make decisions that are rash. Bring in your key people. That’s why you brought them in and give that opportunity.

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