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Linkedin Advertising, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1281

Kevin and Erik recently started to advertise on Linkedin. In this episode, Kevin shares Linkedin advertising works.

July 19, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:01):

Let’s talk, LinkedIn advertising what’s up, everybody. Kevin Daisey here. So we have recently started to advertise on LinkedIn, Erik and I got together. We started to dive deep into HubSpot. We, we up upgraded our HubSpot to the marketing pro. We also use it for sales, for our pipeline and all those things. But within that, it allowed us to do certain things. And one of those things to control through there is LinkedIn advertising, which we have been doing. And I wanna kinda share what we’ve, what we’ve seen so far. So first thing that we did is we had to put together a downloadable. So an ebook, if you will. So we put together this ebook that really talks about hiring a digital marketing agency, which is what we do. So it’s all about how do you hire a marketing agency? What’s the pros and cons pitfalls and things like that.

Kevin Daisey (01:02):

So at first I was kind of wondering, well, I wonder who’s gonna be interested in that and we’ll see if it performs. Erik made a couple videos of him talking about why should download this and who it’s for. Then we set up our targeting and here’s the cool thing. So if you’re in B2B, this is an important episode. Linkedin advertising is actually gonna be in the feed when you’re scrolling through LinkedIn and in the post area. So it’s gonna be, you know, capturing your full attention if you scroll past it. And from there, you can target by job title, by company type industry for us it’s legal practices. So it’s actually law practices. So you work at a law practice and then it could be titles like owner managing partner, marketing director, marketing manager at administrative assistant, whatever it might be. So who are the folks looking or handling hiring companies like us?

Kevin Daisey (02:02):

And so we set that targeting up. You can also set a geographic. So we did by state and we started small and, and worked our way out. But so far is produced in let’s just say 30 days, you know, I don’t know, 150 to a hundred leads that not only downloaded and they give us their email, their phone number, their name, and all that stuff. But they downloaded a guide that we wrote. That’s about hiring someone like ourself. So it’s, it’s really got us in a good position. So I, I reached out to three of these last week. This is just a sample. I haven’t had time to call all of them yet. And that’s something I’m working on right now, but I booked three of those for a marketing consultation. I said, Hey, I saw you downloaded our guide about hiring a marketing agency. Would you need help or would you like to talk? And they said, yeah,

Kevin Daisey (02:59):

We’re actually in the process of, of looking at our marketing and, and, and seeing what we should do moving forward. So they said, yeah, we’d love to talk. So they’re pretty cold. And usually, you know, gated content or lead magnets, you don’t call them. They, you nurture them. And we’re doing that too. But this combination of direct targeting with where they work and the type of industry that we’re looking for, and the title of the piece puts them in a really good spot to have a phone call and say, Hey, just wanna make sure you don’t need anything. You have any extra questions. I hope you got your download. And I’ve only had a positive response so far. So if you’re in a B2B space, what industry you’re in, what people do you target as far as the roles in the companies and have something that you can give them as a downloadable LinkedIn advertising has been very good for this that can pop up the form, fill it out.

Kevin Daisey (03:56):

They get the download, which we send an email. And then they’re in a campaign which we, we drip out to them, different information throughout, you know, next 30 days or 60 days or more. So we’re constantly nurturing them from there. But LinkedIn advertisement’s proved pretty effective for how we’re using it. I’ve seen it not be as effective for others, or if we’ve done it for some others or tried it ourselves before, but we seem to have a really good recipe that’s working very well. So now we’re just increasing that budget. We’re gonna dive. Yeah. Put more in. So if something returns, you know, you have a return on investment on something, put more into it. So LinkedIn advertising take a look at it, see if it’s right for you. If you have any questions, reach out to us, we actually offer that to B2B clients as well. So you’ve got any questions about it or how to do it. I’m happy to help you with that. So happy advertising.


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