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Leverage Good Business Ideas From Everywhere, with Erik J. Olson

Episode #1334

In this episode, Erik shares how you could take a business idea from everywhere and apply it to your business.

September 13, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:02):

Here’s an idea. Interview your happy clients on your podcast. What is happening? This is Erik J. Olson. Now this is not my idea. Actually, this happened with Eric Thomas, the President at Rival Digital. They have a podcast there called The Smart HVAC Marketing Podcast because they provided marketing to HVAC contractors. And it was time for him to record an episode of his podcast. And he was like, huh, who could I interview? And he just thought of interviewing one of his clients and it turned out it was Alyssa Rogers from one of his clients. She, she runs Rogers Heating and Cooling and, and he invited her on and he, he wasn’t really sure what they were gonna talk about. Just kind of like talk about marketing in general. Well, it turned out she provided a very strong testimonial for him and for Rival Digital during the episode.


And it was pretty surprising. And as part of that as, as to parlay that, you know, not just to get like the value out of that from the audio episode alone, Eric took that, the highlights of that, and he put it into his newsletter. So he has a newsletter that goes out once or twice a week. And he put the episode in there and what happened was he was able to parlay that and it turned into several leads, three or four leads came out of that episode, which is fantastic. So when Kevin and I heard about that, we’re like, oh wow, like we, we need to do this. So you won’t hear probably here on Journey to $100 Million, because this is our, our pet project, our passion project, where we talked about entrepreneurship and digital marketing. It’s, it’s more about following our personal journey, if you will, as we grow the agency to learn how business owners think to learn how we think that’s what this podcast is for.


But we have another podcast that Kevin and I do called the Managing Partners Podcast. It’s a product of Array Digital, and it’s where we interview managing partners of law firms to find out how they are running, scaling and growing their firms. And so guess what, I reached out to a couple of our clients, existing clients, and I’m gonna have them on and kind of cross fingers and maybe guide them a little bit, but hope for the same kind of reaction. We’re like, oh yeah. You know, when we started with Array Digital, we were you know, small and now we’re huge and whatever they have to say, which would be fantastic. I just wanna hear their story, frankly. But if they want to tell it in a certain fashion that is complimentary to us. Fantastic. And that’s exactly what happened to Eric. So what I, what I always try to do is like pay attention to what other people are doing, even if it’s people in my company. Right. And, and, and see how I can leverage that for the benefit of what I’m doing personally or what I’m doing within the company or what our company’s doing. So always be on the lookout, always be on the lookout for what other people are doing even


Completely different industries, be like, oh, that’s interesting. I wonder why they did that. Right. And think about it and see how it could be applied to your business. I’ve taken so many ideas from random businesses and applied them here. It’s crazy. There’s this concept of from a book that I read gosh, but Tillman for TIDA. I already forget the, the name of the book. Oh shut up in, what was it shut up and do, as I say, hold on, I’m looking forward to my bookshelf. Shut up and listen, I think is what it’s called. And he is a he owns restaurants and hotels and he tells a story about how most restaurants, you can’t get breakfast past, say like 10 30. Well, he says it’s the same with his restaurants, but he has a rule which is serve breakfast after 10 30.


And what he means by that is if someone comes in at noon or one o’clock and they want breakfast, you can tell ’em, Hey, I hear you. Awesome. look, the, the kitchen has switched over to lunch, but here’s what I can do for you. I can make you eggs, toast, bacon, right? Whatever whatever’s needed. So you, you, you get to say yes to them, but it’s kind of on your terms, even though you have processes and whatnot oh. And by the way, you’re gonna charge, ’em probably a lot for those eggs and toast and bacon. That’s, that’s a principle that I learned from a book, from someone who runs casinos restaurants and hotels, and we’ve applauded here. Right? So like, like here to Array Digital, we have a, a process and a policy for change requests. And we, we just went over this today with one of our clients.


By default, if you submit a request, we’ll get to it within three to five business days. Right. That’s by default. But if it’s critical, like if, if, if the house is on fire, we’re not gonna tell you, we’ll call the fire department in the morning. We’ll, we’ll call the fire department right now. Right. So if you let us know, like this is critical, then we’re Johnny on the spot. We’re gonna be on top of it. I learned that concept, not from a digital marketing agency or agency owner. I learned that from that book that has to do with running casinos restaurants and hotels. Right? So always be on the lookout for how you could take a business idea from some random place and apply it to your business. And then if you’ve got like subsidiaries, like in our case, I, I run Array Digital. That’s that’s my day job, but I also own Rival Digital.


And I saw what they did there, and I’m gonna apply it to my day job at Array Digital always been the lookout always apply good business practices to your business, regardless of what industry those business practices came from. Hey, look, if you like this, you can find more of me. Erik J. Olson online, go to Instagram. That’s where I hang out. You can find me there @erik.j.olson. That’s E R I K dot J dot O L S O N. Hit me up there say hi, DME and told me that you found me from the podcast.

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