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John Maxwell’s The Law Of The Lid, with Erik J. Olson

Episode #1312

Erik found out that in business and life, you have competencies. And the level of your competencies in different areas is referred to as the lid because it’s going to hold you down in life. This concept is called the Law of the Lid and was created by John Maxwell. In this episode, Erik shares the different ways to learn.

August 19, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:02):

The Law of the lid, what is happening? This is Erik J. Olson. So I was just introduced recently to the law of the lid. It is a concept that was created by John Maxwell. I, I didn’t hear it that particularly from him, but someone passed it on to me. I haven’t read about her through him again, it was, this is secondhand information about what, what I found out is that in business and in life, you have competencies, which is what he refers to as the lid. And the level of your competencies in different areas is referred to as the lid, because it’s going to hold you down in life. So here’s what he means by that. Let’s say that in operational efficiency, as an example in your business, you know, how, how good you are at operations. If on a scale of one to 10, you are a four or your organization is a four, but in particular, you, if you are a four, then everyone underneath of you can only be a three, right?

So you are actually putting a maximum lid on the organization when you have a lid yourself. So if you are not one to think about operational efficiency, if you’ve never studied it, if you’ve never done anything about it, if you don’t have processes in place, if you’re a three or a four, then your team’s gonna be a tool or a three. So the organization and everyone in it can, frankly, unless there’s a huge anomaly, only grow to the, to, to the extent that the lid holds it down. Now the whole point of the lid concept is that if you believe that this is true, then what you want to do is you want to raise your level, thus raising the lid of your potential and your organization and your people. So if you identify that you are a operational level four, that’s your lid. And you believe that the rest of the organization is suffering because of that.

And you wanna do something about it. You will focus in that area and become more operationally, astute, and better at what you do and raise your own lid to say a seven. Now, when you become a seven, you’re gonna get everybody underneath of you, the company and all your folks, they’re going to increase as well, because you’re not gonna be happy operating at a seven. If other people are still operating at a three or four, and you’re gonna make changes, right? Either in process or in documentation or in tools or in people, there’s gonna be upgrades. And they’re gonna rise up to your lid. But once you’re at a seven you’re cap there. So the next thing is to go to an eight, a nine and eventually a 10. Now, how do you increase your lid? How do you raise that lid? You have to learn right now? Certainly there’s a lot of different ways to learn. My opinion is the best way to learn

Is experience because I mean, it’s your life like you can’t help but learn from this. And if you’re experiencing things and not learning from those experiences, then you need to really evaluate what you’re doing here. But as, as you experience life and, and you’re, you’re finding out what’s working and what’s not working, then you can make adjustments, but you need to learn the lessons that life experience gives you. So that is the best way, because it’s incredibly personal. The second best way is to learn from others, right? Other people who have gone down this path, whatever you’re doing, unless you’re talking about like creating the next, you know, I don’t know, pick something advanced civilization on Mars, or, you know, a nano boss to cure cancer, unless you’re doing something crazy like that, which you’re not right. Because I guarantee you’re like, most people like me, you’re not doing anything necessarily that has been done before.

There’s someone else that’s done it before. Right? And if it’s not exactly what you’ve done, it’s pretty damn close where you could follow that blueprint. And it’s happened many, many times before. So go on Amazon, find a book written by someone just like you. There’s probably a dozen out there or more where you can learn from their lessons that they documented, right? Go on YouTube, watch videos, sign up for courses, get training, fly to a conferences, meet people that are doing these things. There are probably hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of people still alive today that have done exactly what you want to do. You can learn from them, right? So seek them out. They are out there, go find them and learn. That is a much, much quicker way of learning and raising your lid than having to just beat your head against a brick wall to figure out what works or doesn’t work.

And by the way, when it doesn’t work, there’s a setback, right? And now you gotta reset. You gotta start over. When are you rather not experience those setbacks and just kind of cruise from where you’re at to wherever you want to go. I mean, wouldn’t that be awesome if you were like, like when you got there, you’re like, wow, that was easy. And it happened faster than I thought it would because you got the coaching, the mentoring, the education you got to share from the experiences of other people without again, having to bang your head against the wall every single time you wanted to try something new. So the law of the lid, John Maxwell, I’m gonna read more into this again. This was just introduced to me recently. I believe it. I think it’s a real thing.

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