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If You’re Not Scaling You’re Failing, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1357

In this episode, Kevin shares why you should keep looking for ways to scale your business.

October 25, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:01):

If you’re not scaling, you are failing. What’s up everybody? Kevin Daisey here. So I was actually on another podcast here recently. It was actually like a, a live Facebook live type of podcast. And we were talking about business, of course, and one of the questions was, was come up about big business. And that kind of made me stop and think for a second. And I think all of us as entrepreneurs, we think of ourselves as being the opposite of big business corporations, corporate America. And we pride ourselves on that. And we use that to our advantage. If I have a client that wants to sign on with us versus a big, huge conglomerate, I’m gonna use that to my advantage. Oh yeah. We’re, we’re small and, and we can give you that personal touch. And you know, we’re not, you know, there’s no bureaucracy here and you know, things don’t take long.


We can get, you know, we’re nimble, we’re quick, we’re small. And so we, we say, Oh yeah, big business. That’s not us. And as entrepreneurs, maybe coming from a corporate job and starting your company, you wanna be the opposite of that. But now, where we are today, Eric, myself, there’s a lot of what big business or corporations have done that we want. And so you start to go, Wait a minute, we need processes in place. We need to be able to scale, right? And so you start to do the same things as you grow up and your business gets bigger, that big business of corporations do. And eventually, if you do enough and, and grow enough, you’re gonna be just like them at some point. So as you grow your team and your, and you scale everything, what they have in place is probably there for a reason.


They have processes, they have systems, they have ways of doing things because it has helped them get to where they are. And so, I’m not saying you have to be this big corporation, but you can learn a lot from some of the things that they have implemented that you just haven’t, You, you don’t know what you don’t know. And so while you might look at a big company and say, Yeah, I don’t wanna be that, and that’s not us, that is where you’re on the way to as long as if, if you’re trying to go and scale and continue to scale. Now it’s just how do you control your culture and, and, and all those things and, and try to avoid some of the the things that you know they have that you don’t want. Right? So can you still scale a, a company and, and be big and, and still have all those things? I think so. Absolutely. So look at big business. Look at the bigger companies in, in your space, in your market, in your industry, whatever it may be. And see what are, what can I learn from them? What are they doing well? How’d they get so big? You know, they didn’t just get there by

Kevin Daisey (02:58):

Accident. So don’t shun them completely. Look at what they’ve done, learn from what they’ve done. And a lot of the things that we start to figure out over time, Oh yeah, we need to document process. We need to, you know, buy the software, we need to do this, this, and that. Some of these big companies have already done that stuff and they’re just way ahead of us. So think about that. We don’t wanna big some, you know, big corporate thing, but there’s a lot of pieces, a lot of things that they do right, that we can learn from and, and apply. So if you’re not scaling, you’re failing. And if you’re, you’re just stagnant. You’re not growing a business, you’re just maintaining a current business, and it’s probably gonna shrink over time. So look at ways to scale, improve efficiencies, write down everything and have a process for every single thing.


And also that gives opportunity to your employees. So say we have a, an employee that’s the sole person that does that job. We call them a specialist. They do the, they’re the only one that does it. We don’t have no redundancy, right? What if they get sick or they’re out or whatever, They leave, document everything they do, They document everything they do. But the opportunity for them is when we’re ready to hire another person, that person will be under them. And now they have the process to do what they know how to do. And then this person can move on up to managing them and hopefully multiple people. And it’s already documented. Hey, you wanna do what I do? Here you go. Do it just like this. Now they can manage people and work on bigger things up, you know, up the top of the funnel. So processes are huge. You gotta do it. It creates opportunity and you can scale your business.

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