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Hire An Agency Or In-House Marketer, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1260

In this episode, Kevin shares when you should hire an agency or an in-house marketer who can help you with your business.

June 28, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:01):

Hire an in-house marketer or an agency.

What’s up everybody, this is Kevin is here. So this is one that comes up all the time, whether they’re a prospect or someone I’m just talking to the, a friend that runs a business or whatever is, they’re not really sure if they should hire internal marketers in house that work at their company, or they should hire an agency to do the work and across there’s also like all kinds of other hosh podge of get some freelancers and, and the owner does a lot of the stuff and then have some, some cheap folks on fiber. So like that do things. So there’s a lot of different ways you can do this, but on this episode, really just talking about, do you hire a full-time person in-house or multiple of them do or do you hire an agency? So, and I think it’s different for where your business is.

Kevin Daisey (00:55):

I think if you’re a newer business and you’re, you have people with many hats, meaning you wear a lot of hats. Maybe you hire someone that also wears lots of hats and they’re, they’re a journalist. If they have some marketing skills and they can help with that, I would say that’s a good route to go do what you can yourself, DIY. Because that’s probably all you can do. But I would say they’re probably not a full-time marketer because they probably have to do a lot more things for you. Now, if you’re larger, say you’re doing five or one to 5 million, right? So decent size company doing pretty well. Do you hire a marketer in house or hire an agency? The thing about hiring a marketer in house is that they probably are only good or specialized in one area and they, they try or dabble in the other areas, but they’re not gonna be an expert in everything.

Kevin Daisey (01:52):

And we’re gonna just talk about digital here, just as you know, they can’t be an expert at SEO, an expert that adds an expert at social media, organic and advertising. They’re also a web developer and can develop websites and landing pages manage the CRM emails, all that stuff. So it’s, it’s unlikely that they are gonna be great at all those things. They might be okay at all those things and do what they can, but you might not get the performance that you need. You, they also don’t have other people to talk to on a daily basis and learn what’s going on in the industry and, and what’s going on with other things. So, so in-house, marketer’re handicapped a little bit because their, their knowledge is with them in relying on one person. Also they have a salary plus benefits and things like that. So at minimum, you’re probably spending 50, $60,000 for this person. If they’re really good, they could be a lot more than that. With an agency, you are gonna get a whole team of people. We have 25 people here. So you have experts in each area,

Kevin Daisey (03:00):

Everyone collaborates and talks together and learns and gets better. That’s what they have to do here to, to be employed with us. And so you’re getting strategy, you’re getting expertise in many levels. And as your marketing grows and you need to add on other services or add on other tactics that you’re trying to accomplish, the agency can grow and offer that to you. And usually at a fraction of the cost, or at least less than a full time person would cost. And some, you know, cuz say you’re doing advertising, you’re advertising budget would be there if you have an in-house person or not because the money’s spent with Google or Facebook or YouTube or somewhere else. So you’re gonna have that expense anyway. So usually we’re, we cost less than a person in house. Now we have a lot of our larger clients that have in-house marketers that are more like coordinators.

Kevin Daisey (03:54):

They coordinate with us. They also coordinate with TV, radio, billboards events. So they’re a marketer in house, which is a good role to have, but it’s different than someone that’s just doing your marketing for you. They play a different role, right? So they’re coordinating with my agency or other agencies and they’re, they’re pulling all the strings, right? So that’s a great role to have in house. And as you get larger, most companies are gonna have that internal marketing person, but they’re not doing all the heavy lifting the agency or the other places that they’re hiring or are doing all that. So typically it makes sense to hire an agency as long as you can afford, you know, the, the entry point. It makes more sense, but if you’re doing half a million million or more, you definitely need to look at an agency because if you want sales to come in, leads to come in you can’t afford not to do it the right way.

Kevin Daisey (04:50):

So again, if you’re starting out, do it yourself, bring in someone that can help. If they can do more than one job, that’s a great way to go once you’re ready to get serious. You’re trying, you need to find agency where they’re local to you or an in industry niche or which I would suggest find a niche agency. So if you’re well, if you’re law firm, we do law firms, right? So that’s a niche. We know law firms. We also have Rival Digital that only does HVAC. So that would be a very niche. We know that business inside and out, but if you’re a plumber, go find a plumbing agency that only works with those types of businesses. That’s gonna do a lot better for you. If you want someone down the street, you can go talk to then look for someone in your local area. There are plenty of ’em out there. Someone that you can sit across the table from and, and talk strategy. So think about hiring an agency. Doesn’t have to be yes, but I think that’s the best route to go finding a good one. That’ll be on your, your part to do some intelligence, but hopefully that helps.

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