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Focus On Customer Pain Points, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1372

Here’s another marketing business tip from Kevin on why you should focus on your customer’s pain points.

November 21, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:01):
Focus on your customer’s pain points. What’s up everybody? Kevin Daisey here talking more marketing business tips, things you can do and apply right away. So if you haven’t already, make a list of the pain points that your client or customers face, you can do this by either using your own judgment or ideas about what you think the problems they’re having. You can interview your clients and customers. We actually have an interview sheet for every new prospect that wants to talk with us. We interview them, we ask certain questions and listen. We write down the answers and talk with them through that and say, Okay, what are your goals? What are your challenges? What do you not like about the current marketing agency you’re using? What problems have you had in the past? What’s your goal for growth? How many leads do you need? How many leads are you getting?
All this stuff? What’s your revenue? What’s your revenue goal? How are you gonna get you there? But what we really try to do is identify what’s the big pain point that they have, because we have a whole list of pain points that we hear from our prospects and clients. So what we do is we go back to those interview sheets, interview sheets, and make a list of all the pain points that we keep here and over and over again. Then we make a list, and then we also expand on that to say, Okay, here’s the pain point and here’s how we solve it. So that way when I hear that pain point, I say, I hear that all the time. Here’s what we’ve done in our process or our system or how we do business. Here’s how we solved that for you. And we’ve already figured it out.
So a lot one I hear all the time is our current agency is not proactive. They don’t reach out to us, they don’t give us ideas. We always have to drive the conversation and we have to reach out to them. We don’t feel like we’re getting the love that we should. And I can say, Oh, I hear that all the time. Don’t worry. We have a 90 day customer experience program. We have Rebecca, she’s an account manager. She’s gonna be in touch with you every single week giving you exactly what’s happening. And then we’re gonna have strategy sessions where we talk about your business, come up with ideas so that we can deploy those ideas and continue to get the growth that you want. And so when I respond very quickly like that as a lot more impact. So you wanna focus on these pain points though, across everything, your website and your material when you’re talking to them in your sales pitch, sales material, whatever it might be, hit on those pain points. Your website should start with a pain point, the most common one, and say, Hey, we help people like you in the same situation. By the way, here’s some results that we’ve gotten for folks just like you in the same similar situation. And if that really does
Kevin Daisey (02:58):
Resonate with them and they are in that situation, it’s gonna hit home hard and they’re gonna be more likely to reach out, make a phone call, or make a form. It’s almost like it was meant to be to them. So make a list of the pain points, prioritize ’em, figure out what’s the most common cause you’re gonna probably wanna use that one most often and make sure it’s one that aligns with your ideal prospect. Okay, here’s the pain point that our ideal prospect normally has. Let’s take that to market. Put it out there everywhere and say it all the time. If you’re in a room networking, which I do often get up, you get a microphone, Hey, my name’s Kevin, and I get to say what I do well, if I have a pain point like this, I can say I help attorneys that are trying to manage their firm and grow it, but are having a challenge with predictable, steady flow leads that’s generated enough income for them to grow their firms.
And I just kind of made that up on the fly. But that’s one example, right? I help attorneys that don’t have a steady flow of leads and that’s it. I don’t say I do digital marketing. I don’t say I do websites because that’s boring and no one relates to that. But if there’s an attorney in the room and I say that every single time, they’re gonna come up and say, Hey, I wanna introduce myself. I’m an attorney and blah, blah, blah. So every single time there can be a room of 50 people, all I need is one attorney. That was worth the whole meeting. So figure out your pain points, Start saying them. Don’t be scared to niche down on your message. Yes, you’re gonna leave a lot of people out, but I’d rather go to a meeting than get one good prospect than go there and get none.

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