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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Part 7

Episode #1321

In this episode, Erik shares when will you expect results from us.

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency is a guide that you can download on for free. If you need to improve your law firm marketing, then you’ll want to choose your next marketing agency wisely, this guide will help you figure out what you need and don’t need in your next agency.

Array Digital has been providing digital marketing services to law firms for years. Many new clients have come to us after having horrible experiences with run-of-the-mill agencies. We know a thing or two about what makes a good agency experience and equally as important what makes a bad agency experience we’ve been at this for quite some time. Our experience in helping companies to generate leads online goes back much further than the founding of our company.

If you prefer to jump right into our free digital marketing consultation, then you can schedule it at a time that’s convenient for you at

August 28, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:00):

When will you see results? Once we sign a contract, you’ll begin to receive communication from the operations team on a regular basis. First, we’ll create a strategy at the tactic level that takes about two weeks. We’ll simultaneously start designing your website. You’ll start to see progress on that within two weeks. And your newly designed website will launch within a couple of months while that is in the works, we will take over your existing website and make any urgent changes necessary to ensure it’s working for you until your new site goes live within a week of signing will begin. Your SEO and your advertising can be up and running within a week. Or two of signing up with us. SEO is a longer term strategy, but we’ll begin incorporating SEO into your new website and we’ll start writing the content that your website will need to get found on Google.

These steps require collaboration with you and great communication on your end means that we can begin advertising and SEO for your firm quickly. You can expect to see new SEO pieces ready for you to read. After a month, once your new website launches, we will publish these pieces on your website, get back links to them and monitor their performance. We’re confident. You’ll appreciate the quality writing and SEO, right from the start. Your local SEO will be developed and optimized for you within your first month of signing with us. It’s so important that we do not want to wait as for your social media posts. Those will begin within two weeks. Social media always relies heavily on collaboration with you. We believe it is vital to listen, to and implement our client’s opinions, communications plan. We all know that communication is crucial with larger agencies. It’s nearly impossible to find a phone number on their website or to talk to an in-house staff member immediately.

And that is just unacceptable. You can always reach us at 7 5 7 3 3 3 3 0 2 1. And from there you can get to any one of our specialists. We do not believe in forcing you to use a trouble ticket system. We know that’s difficult. Instead, we will reach out to you directly in whatever communication preference you choose. Email, text call, or whatever works for you. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who is always available to take your requests. In short, we are here for you each quarter. You’ll have a scheduled strategy meeting with the operations team to review past performance

And expected performance for the next quarter. In between those quarterly meetings, you can also request additional meetings as you need. Your account manager will set up meetings with any of the department leads or specialists to discuss any in depth questions you have. We know communication is important. That’s why we focus on it nonstop. It matters to you. So it matters to us next step. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, most people do not have the perseverance or desire to change their current marketing situation enough to listen through a document like this, but you do. Digital marketing is a highly targeted way of getting in front of your ideal perspective. Clients. It will get you more leads, allowing your firm to grow and will help you to fulfill your mission. Digital marketing allows you to grow on top line revenue and increase the lifetime value of each of your clients.

And all of that can be done on top of the referrals that you’re already getting, keep getting those referrals and you can add digital marketing on top of that and grow even faster. If the goals within this document speak to you, the next step is for you to me, with one of our founders, Erik, which is me or Kevin, our founders have decades of business experience, digital marketing expertise, and they will meet with you to provide their personalized recommendations, to help grow your law firm. And so that you can fulfill your goals and dreams. Schedule your 45 minute marketing consultation. Now at this is It’s free, confidential, and will be conducted online at a time. That’s convenient for you. The value you get from this consultation is priceless. It will be worth your time. Go to this is Now to schedule your free consultation about us Array Digital is a world class digital marketing agency that specializes in law firm marketing. We work with law firms across the United States to deliver fully integrated digital marketing campaigns. Our services comprise every aspect of digital branding, marketing and advertising. We are a 100% digital focused company with expertise and proven strategy that ensures success for law firms. We partner with and generating new business for them. The Managing Partners Podcast. For the last two years, we have hosted The Managing Partners Podcast and have interviewed

Over 200 amazing managing partners quickly becoming the top law firm marketing podcast for law firm, managing partners discover how managing partners of America’s top law firms are filling their case pipeline and growing their firms. In the process, we tackle your most pressing questions about digital marketing for law firms share proven strategies for generating higher quality cases and interview today’s top law firm, managing partners who share what they’re doing to exponentially grow their law practices. Check out our podcasts, go to managing partners, to listen in now, not quite ready to work with us. If you think you’re not ready for a consultation or need more time to think about it, we understand, but how much time do you need? Do you need a couple of minutes or more like a couple of years? If it’s more than a couple of minutes, then you’re simply delaying.

Why are you delaying something that will clearly help you gain more clients, employ more employees and help more clients. You owe it to them and yourself to get moving with this sooner rather than later, don’t delay any longer. You know, the time is now. And if not now, when finally take the action that you know, you need to take to move your law firm forward. Schedule your free consultation. Now go to this is Once again, this is I hope you’ve enjoyed this recording of everything you need to know about hiring a digital marketing firm.

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