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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Part 3

Episode #1317

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency is a guide that you can download on for free. This guide will help you get unstuck and move in the right direction.

Here at Array Digital, we design a visually appealing, accessible, and healthy website. A website is worthless if its target audience cannot find it. In this episode, Erik shares the different ways how to make it happen that your website will be shown by Google.

If you need to improve your law firm marketing, then you’ll want to choose your next marketing agency wisely, this guide will help you figure out what you need and don’t need in your next agency.

Array Digital has been providing digital marketing services to law firms for years. Many new clients have come to us after having horrible experiences with run-of-the-mill agencies. We know a thing or two about what makes a good agency experience and equally as important what makes a bad agency experience we’ve been at this for quite some time. Our experience in helping companies to generate leads online goes back much further than the founding of our company.

If you prefer to jump right into our free digital marketing consultation, then you can schedule it at a time that’s convenient for you at

August 24, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Erik J. Olson (00:00):

First we design a visually appealing, accessible and healthy website. Of course it will be fast and mobile responsive. Those are must haves on today’s internet, but that’s just the start. The real magic is in laying out the website and the copy to entice your perspective client, to reach out to you that at a minimum is one thing that your website must accomplish. Ours is a service based model instead of project based model in a project based model that focuses only on building a website and then handing it off to the client. That means that the client you now has to do the rest. You must learn how to update the website, host it, keep it secure. And most importantly, market it. Unless you have a team of marketers working in house, the website develops for you likely won’t be optimized or continuously improved upon. And won’t produce leads.

That approach simply does not provide the best opportunity for success. We do not charge a project for your clients because we and our clients are looking for a long term relationship. While project based agencies require you to write a large upfront check and then pay them more for all the extra services your website needs. We don’t see that as a viable solution or in your best interest. We charge one simple monthly amount that covers everything. The design, the creation of the website, all the maintenance and unlimited content changes. Hiring a new lawyer will add them to your website, expand to a new practice area. No problem. We’ll take care of that, too. Everything you need to create a beautiful lead generating website and to keep it humming over the years is included in our website design offering. Our model drastically reduces the cost that clients would otherwise pay other agencies because we are here for the long term with us.

You pay one monthly fee for all the services we offer, and we’ll never nickel and dime you. If this sounds perfect for you and you are ready to proceed with a new website, then book a free consultation with us now at to this is Once you have a website, a modern, fast mobile responsive website that attracts clients. The next thing you’ll need is to get the attention of those clients. That’s where the rest of our digital marketing services come into play. Getting found on the internet. It’s time to ensure that your ideal client can find you people search Google billions of times a year. Our goal is that when a prospective

Client Googles a service that you offer, that your website will be shown by Google. A website is worthless. If its target audience cannot find it. So how do we make that happen? There are several ways. We do this, including SEO search engine optimization, which allows your website to be on the search engine results page on Google using these organic methods. We ensure your website ranks when someone searches for the services that you offer. Advertising ads are a form of paid marketing as are put in place on websites, in search engines, and in numerous other locations that provide superior targeting of your ideal clients. You pay for them. Only when someone clicks on them, social media consumers turn to the internet to get information and often use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to find that information, your prospective clients hang out on social media a lot. It’s in your best interest to be there too. Online advertising online advertising is a way of capturing clients who are ready to hire a law firm. Advertising gets you in front of clients by offering a solution to their problem. It helps you build awareness of your brand and many Google searchers will click through to your website.

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  • Erik J. Olson is an award-winning digital marketer & entrepreneur. The Founder & CEO of Array Digital, he is also the host of the Journey to $100 Million Flash Briefing and daily podcast, and the organizer of the Marketers Anonymous monthly meetups.

  • Kevin Daisey is an award-winning digital marketer & entrepreneur. He started his first company when he was just 23, and is the Founder & CMO of Array Digital. Kevin is the also the co-host of the Journey to $100 Million Flash Briefing and daily podcast, and the co-organizer of the Marketers Anonymous monthly meetups.

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Website Design, Online Advertising, SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing.
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