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Content vs SEO Content, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1279

In this episode, Kevin shares the difference between content and SEO content and its purpose.

July 17, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:01):

Content versus SEO content. What’s everybody. This is Kevin. So we’ve ran into this quite a few times with prospect or with clients active clients that we do SEO for. And when I’m talking to a prospect or anyone for that matter, that’s interested in SEO. I try to explain to them even more now, but I try to explain to them why you’d want to hire us or anybody for SEO. And what’s the real purpose. The purpose is to grow your company. Drive leads, drive growth and revenue. That’s it. It’s not to write pieces that are gonna be featured in publications on Forbes or ink magazine. It’s it’s not for that. And so kind of separate the two. If you want a piece that’s for PR, or that’s gonna be highlighted in some magazine or a local newspaper or in an industry paper or a magazine that you follow, write that separately, have that written by someone that writes for that.

Kevin Daisey (01:14):

But if you want to rank for certain keywords on Google or in your local town city or geographic area, then you have to look at things a different way. There’s a certain way you write SEO content that Google can read. And it says, this is quality content. It’s long content. It has lots of references to the subject matter or to the, what the searcher was searching. It also have backlinks and it has interlinking to other resources, other articles and blogs that support the same topic or, or keyword in this instance. So when we write a piece for a client to rank for a certain keyword, the client might look at it and say, Hey, this is too long. Like you’re, you know, it took three paragraphs to answer a one sentence answer. So it’s, it could be really quick and short, but it’s kind of drawn out and it’s more explained more than it needs to be.

Kevin Daisey (02:18):

And so the client, who’s an expert in that space is like, Hey, this, you know, this isn’t the way it needs to be written. They care mostly about their voice which I understand, and that’s hard to get sometimes, but the goal is not for someone to even read that piece. We want to drive them to the website, probably to a service page or in a, for like a law practice. It’d be a, a, you know, a practice area page. So say a state planning page. We don’t necessarily want them to read that piece or care about that article we wrote, but it got them to where we wanted them to go.

Kevin Daisey (02:59):

It ranked that website for the keywords that we’re going for because of those pieces that we’ve put together, how they’ve been structured, the technical SEO, the how the website loads, all these things go into consideration. But the content itself is not to be read necessarily as to a person it’s to build back links and credibility and, and just good content that as that Google’s looking for. So you gotta think about SEO content. It’s been a little bit different. It definitely has a separate goal. So keep in mind, this is gonna grow my business. People when they’re searching for my services are going to find me are more likely to find me if I invest in the right SEO content approach. But don’t get caught up in every single piece that it’s not written exactly the way you would write it, because if you were to write it, they wouldn’t rank.

Kevin Daisey (03:56):

So if you’re using a SEO team agency or an expert, and they really know what they’re doing, give them some leeway because they’re there to get the results, make sure you track those results and hold them to those results. But you should have supporting metrics to show that you’re in going the right direction. There should be some nice gradual movement up in your analytics, in the positive direction. And obviously your phone should start ringing your forms. So you get filled out more but give some time you have to let that content bake, but it’s much longer form content for a reason. So don’t get the two confused. If you wanna write a nice piece, that’s just for someone to read or be featured somewhere, hire someone else for that or write it yourself.

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