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Clicks On Ads vs SEO, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1285

In this episode, Kevin shares where your business can show up on Google and how many people click on Google Ads versus SEO.

July 23, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:01):

How many people click on Google ads versus SEO. What’s up everybody. Kevin Daisey here. So we’re talking marketing, advertising, we’re talking Google, we’re talking SEO. We’re talking advertising on Google and driving people to the websites, right? Driving people to our websites. We want their attention. And with Google best place to be overall, people are looking for the exact service or product they’re gonna go to Google. If it’s a product, maybe they’re gonna Amazon directly. But for a service is what I’m really focused on. We have a service based company, law firm, service based company, HVAC service based company. And they’re localized for the most part too. So Google is the single best place to be. Now let’s talk about where you can show up on Google and what the different click rates are based on that. So and why we say Google, because again, I don’t go to Facebook and search for a HVAC company.

Kevin Daisey (01:06):

Maybe I get a recommendation from someone but for no referral, no recommendation, I’m doing my own research, Google. So first thing at the very top, you’re gonna have Google ads at the top. Sometimes there’s one, sometimes there’s up to three. You can pay to be right there today, make a Google account, set it up. Now there’s a lot to it. It’s not just as easy as you would think. And I know I just got off the phone with a new client. We just signed and they were just pumping out money, wasting tons of money, 14 grand last month, when they could probably get way more for half that price, it’s just not poorly maintained or set up, but we can get you there. Bam. Next week, you’re there on the top and your phone can start ringing. The next spot down is depending on your service is LSA.

Kevin Daisey (02:02):

That’s local service ads. It has a photo of yourself, the professional, it has your ratings or star ratings for from your Google listing and the name of your company or whatever. Those are really good, because again, it has your ratings and you have to be background checked and have to get through a process to be in there. And then you pay for the lead as you get ’em through Google. Now I have heard the quality of those leads are poor. I don’t know why, but it just seems to be across the board on our clients that they’re not great leads. They’re not qualified leads moving on down the page, usually have three map listing. So you’ll have the map and you’ll have three local companies. Those get a ton of clicks in action. I see that the local, I can see how far the way are they are from me. I can also see the

Kevin Daisey (02:58):

Reviews and most of the information I need to potentially make a decision. I might call right there, if not, I might navigate to the website and investigate further. That gets a, a large chunk of clicks. And I’ll get to the, the amount of clicks here in, in just a second. Then below that the only other place you can be is organic results. That’s the 10 link results, which we would say SEO is organic SEO. There’s 10. So you got the three ads, the LSA, which usually shows about three map three and then 10 organic. Newi also has some ads at the bottom, the footer a couple paid ads, cause Google’s trying to make as much as they can. So they have some ads at the bottom. So you gotta think about where do you want to be on that page? And the other side of things is how hard ass is it more expensive to be in those different places?

Kevin Daisey (03:59):

So you gotta really factor all those things in here. Because if I know that’s gonna take me three years and it’s almost impossible to rank organically against the firm that has more money than me in the SEO results, I don’t have time or the patients or effort in me to get there. So what can I do? Well, I can pay, I can pay for ads and if I can outspend or outsmart the others, I can show up and I can start getting phone calls. So you gotta look at how hard is it, what’s the competition versus what’s the cost versus how long will it take? So once you figure out those, those three things, you can make a plan for going forward. Now, if you have unlimited budget or just a massive budget, you can just secure every single one of those places with the right plan and the right budget.

Kevin Daisey (04:53):

So that can be done too. And we have clients that are just like that. But so let’s look at the people that click on these. So the top, the very top you would think have a pretty high click. There’s the paid ads problem with ads, people don’t trust ads, almost everyone I talk to. That’s a potential client. They go, oh, I, I always skip the ads. Well, the reality is only 3% of people click on those ads, but I can get there tomorrow. I can show up and I can’t compete on SEO for a long time. Then that’s my best chance. It’s still 3%. If there’s 10,000 searches for your service every month in your city, three, percent’s still a pretty big number and that can still produce a nice, strong ROI for you. So don’t discount it because of what I’m saying, but 3%, very small number the next one’s down.

Kevin Daisey (05:51):

So like anything below that. So that’s all your paid ads, the Google map listings, the three pack that can get 30 to 34% or more of those clicks. So very strong for you to be in that local position. And there’s some there’s things you can do to influence your rank, comes down to reviews, ratings, response, back to messages posting questions, answers, all kinds of things. Go into play with that citations, which if you don’t know what that is, you can look it up your name, phone number, address, consistency across directories on the internet. So there’s a lot of things that go into that, but that’s a huge percentage bigger than the 3%, right? So I can get there. Ooh, I can get a lot of clicks. And then below that the 10 organic listings get the other, whatever it is, 30 some percent almost 40%.

Kevin Daisey (06:47):

So and those two are kind of, you know, the numbers are almost similar. It’s is the half of the, so the 3%, 97%, 97% click on one of those organic spots. And those numbers can vary based on research that you do and, and things like that. But 97% go off as organic listings. That’s what we put most of our energy into. That’s what we try to get clients to invest into. And then if they can do well there, the advertising is just icing on the cake and we can drive those leads too. Now we’re getting the a hundred percent coverage that we want a lot of people though, they start out by saying, I need calls. I need website form fills today. Tomorrow I need to get this going. Google ads is a great place to put your money and if you can do it right, you can get calls and ROI so that you can actually invest in the SEO to get organically listed.

Kevin Daisey (07:46):

So you need to think about SEO from a, a investment standpoint, just like I’d have invest into a 401k or IRA. I’m not gonna get my money tomorrow. I’m dumping money into it. And it’s starting to pay off by returns are getting bigger. Cause I got more money sitting there. So it’s, it’s a long term play, but you have to be invested into it. Google ads, great to get started with, but make sure you can start carving out some budget, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’re hiring other people and you’re building your own little hosh hosh kind of team, whatever it might be, it’s better than doing nothing. But think about that 3% 97% really focus on that organic.


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