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Always Be Increasing Your Income, with Kevin Daisey

Episode #1305

Listen to Kevin share how he constantly working to increase his income.

August 12, 2022

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Episode Transcript

Kevin Daisey (00:02):

Work on increasing your income. What’s up everybody, Kevin Daisey here. So you should be constantly working to increase your income. If you wanna do anything, like save money for investing buy real estate, start other companies hire more people put your kids through college, buy expensive things, whatever. Maybe you don’t want any of that stuff. I don’t know, but you have to continue to increase your income so that money can flow into other areas that is gonna send you more income. So you need to not just thinking about one stream of income, but how are you making more income constantly? So let’s just imagine you have a nine to five job with a salary. The only way you can increase that is to do a good job and hopefully get a raise every year. That’s fine. And that’s a slow way to go. But if you don’t do a good job, you don’t get raises your income’s not increasing.

Kevin Daisey (01:10):

So that’s kind of the basic level, right? But what can you be doing outside of work? Do you have any side hustles? Can you do woodworking paint houses, clean houses, bar 10 weight tables. I don’t care. Are you increasing your income? If I look at my taxes from last year, did, did they increase from the year before? Did I make more money? And again, some, some people have the luxury of having commission based jobs where they can increase if they work harder. But if, if you don’t, you need to look outside elsewhere. Rethink what you’re doing. Are you making enough money to be able to save a significant amount, to make an impact, to be able to to invest to start a company, to go off on your own, whatever it may be, but you have to always, even when you do have your own company, we, you know, I have my, I have two companies and if you consider the real estate, that’s basically another company.

Kevin Daisey (02:07):

So that’s three companies. I’m constantly looking to increase my income. Me and Erik are constantly going, Hey, are we making more? Why aren’t we making more? We should be making more. We’re we’re growing the company. We have 20 some employees our revenues going out for the company. Are we making more? Like we should be so constantly increasing our income so that I can put it to work elsewhere is very important. And, and time’s against you, right? So so well in 10 years, maybe, maybe I’ll think about, maybe I’ll be able to do that. Well, that’s 10 years lost, you know, five years lost. If you do, you know, whatever you wanna look at it. And everyone’s just out there going, well, you know, you can retire when you’re 60 or 70 and, and then you’ll have some money because you know, over time you’re 401k, then you can live off that. Well, you’re not, you’re gonna live off that,

Kevin Daisey (02:59):

But you need to work now, increase your income as much as you can, cuz you need, you know, to get there faster. That’s what I’m saying. So increase your income and try to figure out how can you control that? What can you do above and beyond now to get you there faster? So for us, that’s, that’s always what we’re looking at. My wife works hard. She increases her income at her job. If she works harder, she can make more money. And she’s an employee. She’s not a business owner. Me as a business owner. I can definitely increase my income. So constantly trying to do that. I’m doing real estate to try to do that. You know, I, I got money in crypto and, and all over the fricking place trying to increase my income. Cause I wanna take care of my family. I wanna care of my kids and I wanna be to do things I want to do. So I wanted abundance of money, income, wealth, so that I can do that. And that’s where we’re trying to accomplish here. If I, if I can do that too, I can hire more people. I can take care of more clients and we can make a bigger impact. So increase your income, look at what you’re making now. How can you make more? It doesn’t have to be crazy amounts more. How can I just make more than I was making yesterday or last month or last year.

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