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Episode #309

Do you work with a business coach?

Erik has realized that there are a lot of blind spots in business and entrepreneurship and that’s where a business coach becomes very helpful. The very first business coach that we brought in was Zack Miller, a local author of the book Anomaly. He meets with the management team and me every other week. He meets with the team first and then he finishes with me where he debriefs me on general themes that he picks up from the team. He focuses a lot on efficiency and marketing–even though we are a marketing company, it’s always helpful to get an outside perspective on areas where we could improve.

Now, Jeff Ski is someone that I met at Alexa Conf back in February. He puts out a series of tweets that say “hire me and I will double your revenue in 90 days.” So, of course, Erik questioned him and Ski guaranteed these results. We hired him and he’s taught us all sorts of things that we haven’t been exposed to in the past including finding the one weakest link in our business, fixing that, and then moving onto the next one.

Erik is also part of an organization called the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and he’s part of the local chapter and in that chapter, they break up into forums which are between 6-10 members and discuss all the things happening in their businesses so that the other members of the forum can provide their insight.

The last group of coaches is the people that he interacts with on a daily basis in business, one of them being his business partner Kevin. Sometimes it’s subtle while other times it’s in a bigger group setting where Erik will come in with some big idea and the team has to talk him off the ledge and downsize those ideas a bit. No matter the circumstance, there’s always something to be learned.

There’s a lot of different forms of coaching. The key is to find people you trust and when they give you constructive criticism, don’t think that they’re hating on you. Consider it feedback; they’ve got different insight, different experiences that you could potentially benefit from.

November 19, 2019

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