Introduction to Survey by Voice

Introduction to Survey by Voice

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When I was at Alexa Conf, which was in January of 2019 it was in Chattanooga, Tennessee, first time I’d been there, but when I was there on the expo floor I gravitated towards one company and one product that is called Surveyline. And with Surveyline it was really cool because what they did is they took the concept of taking surveys, kind of like a Survey Monkey and they decided that they were going to change the user interface to be 100% voice.

How Does Surveyline Work?

So what I mean by that is they have a product where you can take a survey through your Amazon Echo, you can say open Surveyline and then you give it the code or the term like, say, Array Digital or Marketers Anonymous or whatever the actual code is, the name of the server that you give and then it will ask whatever questions you want to be asked.

I was intrigued by it because I think it’s just a very novel way of doing something that is very common these days, which is asking for feedback from your customers but you do it in a different way. And so right away I got on and I started to create my own surveys.

The very first survey that I did was for internal purposes only and I sent it to my team and what I really wanted to do is just try different questions with different question types and by question type, I mean, you know, one question type is a free form answer. The other one is a rating from one to 10, the other is yes or no, things like that. I just wanted to try it out.

The second one that I created was actually for my family and what I did is I created a survey where the introduction was pretty long and I basically said something like, Hey, it’s Daddy, I’m sending you this message through the Amazon Echo and I miss you guys.

Question one, have you been good for Mommy? And question two, how much does Daddy miss you on a scale of one to 10, you know, it just, it looks kind of silly, but it was neat because I could send that message through time and space and they delivered it through the Amazon Echo and my children and my wife received it through this device that you don’t normally get customized messages through.

How Creating Voice Surveys Can Set You Apart

So I’ve played with it a little bit and, you know, I’m kind of giving it a plug right now for sure. I think you should check it out. I think it’s a neat way of doing something different than everyone else is. The name of the website is Surveys by; a great group of people is behind it. Like I said, I kind of hung out with them for like three days straight. I had a Marketers Anonymous meetup today in Norfolk and I demonstrated it. So I feel again, really cool product. It’s a new way of doing something that’s been tried and true and tested, but it’s a little bit stale now, which is taking surveys by email and web pages. I think you should check it out. I think it’s cool. I think it will set you apart.


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