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You’ve probably heard by now that it is essential for your law firm to have a website filled with content to rank well in Google (and other search engines) and bring in droves of potential customers for your practice. You’ve probably even taken action, building a website and filling it with useful information designed to appeal to your audience.

Unfortunately, you’re still hearing crickets when it comes to response. The truth is that it takes a little more than simply writing generic content to get the attention of search engines. You need a bona fide content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to get the kind of traffic you desire for your law firm.

First thing first, your website content matters just as much as your SEO efforts. That means it is important to focus on creating high-quality content for your website. Content and search engine optimization go hand in hand. You want to feature content that is designed to present you as a thought leader as well as to provide useful information to your audience.

Why does this matter? Because you’re competing with other law firm websites for the attention of potential clients. In fact, nearly 76 percent of people looking for a law firm visit three or more websites before choosing one.

That means the website that offers the most robust, quality content will usually be the most attractive to these audiences. How does your website measure up to the competition? More importantly, is your website the type that will attract the attention of search engines?

Are you supplying a steady stream of new content to your website? Are you using relevant keywords? There’s so much that goes into creating content that will appeal to readers and search engines alike. Failing to do so can cost your law firm the very traffic you seek.

The solution is simple. You need to make sure you are writing the right kind of content for your website. Effective content is valuable content in more ways than one.

  • First, it will attract the attention of search engines.
  • Second, these search engines will reward you with a higher ranking in the SERPs. (For a deep dive on how SEO works, read this article.)
  • Third, your website will receive more organic traffic (you’ll get more people there to read your content).
  • Finally, those who read your great content will find you credible and trustworthy enough to reward you with their business.

In other words, there are many reasons to invest in ongoing content creation for your law firm. The more quality content you have, the better it is for your law firm website and your marketing efforts.

Array Digital can help you create the content you need for your law firm’s website. We write content that will attract the attention of search engines and keep readers’ attention. We understand that there are different types of content, and each has a place and purpose in your overall content marketing efforts.

We can help you develop a content strategy that expands your firm’s content to achieve your overall goals. Call Array Digital today at 757-333-3021 or fill out our online form to have us contact you so we can begin creating attention-grabbing online content that will become a lead generation juggernaut for your legal practice.

What is Content Marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is using content to market your business. In the case of legal practices, it would be using content to market your law firm. The reality is far more complex. For instance, there are many different types of content:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Images
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • Email newsletters
  • Infographics
  • Webpage copy

Additionally, different types of content can serve different purposes. Some content is designed to present your law firm as a thought leader within the legal industry, at the very least within the field of law in which your firm specializes.

Some content is designed to encourage people to join your firm’s email list. Other content is designed to generate massive amounts of website traffic.

You may even create content to inform and educate your visitors about the legal services you provide and how your firm can help them with their problems. Ultimately, though, all content is developed to generate traffic and find potential customers for your law firm.

The secret sauce for success with content marketing is to have an effective content marketing strategy from the beginning. You may think that isn’t necessary for your law firm. However, if you want your business to grow and remain competitive over time, an effective content marketing campaign requires a solid plan.

While it is great to write content that promotes your law firm and what you have to offer your clients, there needs to be more to it than that. Your content must be searchable so clients can find what they’re looking for and so the search engines understand what you have to offer people searching specific keywords and phrases.

That is where keyword research comes into play and why it is so important. It is a vital tool for search engine optimization as well as to help potential clients find the information they need on your law firm’s website.

What is the Goal of Content for Websites?

If you’re like most of your competitors, your goal when creating website content is to get more customers for your firm. It’s a great business strategy for your firm. Lead generation is one of the primary goals of website content creation for practically every business on the planet.

Each piece of content you create for your law firm’s website needs to have a specific purpose. It can be for various purposes, such as:

  • Establish topical authority in your practice area
  • Grow your email list
  • Increase conversions
  • Educate readers
  • Increase ranking in search engine results pages

While each purpose is important, when it comes to digital marketing, each type of content works together to improve your website’s ranking in the SERPs.

Of course, it is important to rank well in SEO. However, your website also needs to appeal to readers or you’re sure to lose the 76 percent of people who visit multiple law firm websites before deciding who gets their business. Always keep in mind that there are people on the other end of your content marketing plan. If your content doesn’t touch them in some important way, you will not get their business.

Another consideration is the shareability of your content. Ideally, your content will be something visitors will find informative and readable enough that they will want to share it on their favorite social media platforms.

Believe it or not, this helps your SEO efforts even more because you’re building valuable backlinks every time your content is shared. Your content will reach audiences that may not be actively searching for your legal services but may actually need them.

Why Does Content Marketing Matter for Lawyers?

Law firm content marketing is even more important than content marketing in other fields and vocations. High-quality legal content helps establish authority in your practice area and builds trust with your audience.

It’s important to remember to use ordinary language when writing content for your firm’s website. Ordinary people don’t speak or might not even understand most legal terms. You must also ensure you have a steady stream of content ideas so you can continue to offer quality content over time.

Another benefit of content marketing for lawyers is that it allows you to create regional authority if you invest in local SEO. That means you’re using your service area within your main keywords or long-tail keywords to make sure your content is getting to the people who your efforts will best impact.

Just as an attorney who practices solely in New York City wouldn’t want to place a billboard in Louisiana, you don’t want to have to compete with New York City law firms if your firm is located in New Orleans. Effective content marketing allows you to tailor your content to local consumers and optimize your website for people looking for legal advice where your firm does business.

What Are Some Ways to Create Good Content?

If your ultimate goal is conversions, you don’t want to simply settle for good content. You want to generate great content for your website. This involves thinking outside the box when looking for content ideas. In addition to researching the types of information your target audience is searching for online (this would be keyword research), you want to consider other methods for finding content ideas, including the following:

  • News headlines (What legal stories and topics are making news? How can you use these stories to inform and educate your readers?).
  • Social media hashtags and trending topics (You’d be amazed by how often these trending ideas and topics can become teachable moments for attorneys in various fields of practice).
  • Competitor websites (You don’t want to directly mimic their content but can often find ideas you haven’t yet explored by visiting their websites. More importantly, you want to make sure the content you deliver is superior to the competition.).
  • New studies and findings related to your field of practice (Break down what it means in layman’s terms for your readers – explain how these findings might impact them.).

The final result is that you can establish your value, as a legal representative, to potential and existing clients. A side bonus is that search engines love seeing a steady stream of new, relevant, long-form content added to your law firm’s website.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Writing Content?

Research is where all quality content begins. Even if you’re writing about a topic in which you are an expert, you need to research the specific information prospective clients are searching for, the personas of the people who make up your target audience, and how to use your content to meet those two needs.

That is in addition to researching what it is search engines want to see in your content to reward your website with a higher page rank.

You absolutely want to make sure that you’re writing content that will impress Google algorithm. That’s an important part of law firm SEO. You also need to be equally diligent in your efforts to write content that will appeal to and resonate with your human readers. Writing for search engine bots and actual people requires time to balance properly.

To increase conversions and bring new clients to your law firm, you need to use your content to tell stories and connect with your audience while adding in the necessary keywords to rank. Keep your content compelling yet structured. Make sure it is relatable. Most importantly, though, make sure it is helpful.

The greater readability your content has, the more effective it will be in creating conversions and even gaining referrals from your readers. Over time, other websites will link to your useful content and subsequently improve your domain authority.

Once you’ve created content that accomplishes your goals for readers, then you can begin worrying about metrics using tools like Google Analytics to make sure that you’re checking off all the boxes that will improve your position in Google search results.

Your Website Won’t Rank Well on Google Unless You Make Changes, So What’s Stopping You?

You’re an expert in your field of law. It took many years of dedicated study and practicing law to get you to this stage of your career. That doesn’t mean you know how to optimize your website for search engine ranking success.

The odds are that you will need to add new content to your website and make changes to existing content to get the types of results you desire from your content marketing efforts. That is why working with a marketing agency that has put forth years of dedicated effort and education to learn the ins and outs of SEO is a wise choice for your law firm.

Tired of spending countless hours creating fruitless content for your website? Wishing there was a better way to reach your audience? Wish no more. There is a simpler solution that will give you your life back while leaving the heavy lifting of SEO and content creation to those who know what it takes to create effective content for SEO and readers alike.

Don’t waste another minute of time creating website content that isn’t going to gain you the results you want. Instead, contact Array Digital today and let us help you with all your content generation and content marketing needs.

Our dedicated team of professionals understands the delicate balance between writing for your readers and writing content designed to attract the attention of search engines. We also understand why doing both is vitally important for the success of your website – and your law firm – in today’s highly competitive world. Call Array Digital at 757-333-3021 today or complete our online form so that one of our digital marketing experts can reach out to you about impactful SEO content marketing for law firms.

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