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One of the seemingly often forgotten purposes of most websites is to make money. Good content and visitors are great but if your goal in creating this website was to sell a particular product or service, neither of these things guarantees a profit if you are not taking steps to convert website visits into sales. We’ve compiled a series of tips to help you generate new revenue starting with how to attract new website visitors and then converting each visit into a sale. 

How to Increase Website Visits

To get more organic traffic on your website, follow these tips:

Write “listicle” articles

There’s a reason websites like Buzzfeed do so well and constantly show up on page one of the search results. They write highly searchable articles with titles like “11 Bizarre Places In The US That You Need To Know About.” Now when users are searching for destinations in the US for their next vacation, they can’t help but be tempted by that title and click on it for inspiration. Take a page from their book and compile lists that will place you as the expert on the topic of your product or service and then include relevant links to other pages on your website like the product pages, for example. 

Get the best Speed for your Website

Get the site to load as quickly as possible so that the user can see the page easily. This is also beneficial for Google robots that give more importance to your page. Users have shorter attention spans than ever before. If your website isn’t loading within seconds, they are going to get tired of waiting for it and click out of the site altogether. 

Focus on making your website mobile-responsive

Create a mobile version of your website, so that visitors can enter from their devices, an increasingly common medium. Take into consideration that more searches are made through mobile devices than desktop meaning you should design for mobile-first. 

Help users navigate around your site

Once you get users on your website organically, you want to keep them there. That means creating relevant content and making it easily accessible. Interlinking among the pages and posts on your website will not only help users to navigate around your site but it will also boost your site’s SEO value because it will register to Google that not only are these links useful but it will also show a lower bounce rate on the site. 

How to Convert Website Visitors into Sales
The goal of a digital business is to convert visits into sales Photo courtesy of Google Images

How to Convert Website Visits into Sales

Now that you are receiving more visits monthly on your online store or website, it is time to convert as many visitors into sales of your products or services as possible, with the following tips:

Analyze the online presence of the competition

Head over to other competing online stores and look at the structure of their websites, the type of offers they promote, and the type of ads they use to make calls to action. You can then use this research as an example for your own work.

Develop an email list

Creating a piece of gated content – content that requires users to enter an email address or some other piece of information that will allow for later communications – is a great way to help you develop an email list. An email list is invaluable in developing your business and a solid customer base because it ensures that you are staying at the top of your potential customers’ minds by sending them valuable information periodically. 

Check that you are not penalized

Beware of duplicate content. Online stores often have this problem, which is one of the most common reasons to be penalized by Google. Make sure that you are not duplicating any part of your text, not only from product to product but also from the manufacturer of the product that you are selling. For example, if you have duplicate metadata that is generic and used across different product pages, Google will penalize you making sure that your website shows up lower in search results.

Optimize and facilitate the payments methods

Your website needs to offer different payment options. It is not enough to simply offer a PayPal option. There are different payment platforms and each of them has different commissions. Evaluate the options that best suit your company, such as those that charge lower commissions, have multiple ways to withdraw money, etc.

Return guarantee

What if receiving the product in my house is not what I expected? Will the company refund my money? The answer should always be YES. It is the only way to build trust with the buyer. If the customer knows that you have enough confidence to offer a guarantee on your product, they will be more willing to invest.

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