The Challenges

The Floor Trader Outlet is a national brand with successful franchise locations spread across the United States. In Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, the brand has become a household name and there is strong brand recognition.

But new competitors have come to town, aiming to cut into The Floor Trader Outlet’s customer base.

The Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Floor Trader Outlets turned to Array Digital to dominate the online sector of their market. They also wanted to draw special attention to one of their key advantages: their mobile showroom.

To accomplish this, we put together a customized online advertising strategy.

The Plan

We built our strategy from the floor up – and we knew we would need to:

  • Implement Google Search Ads
  • Utilize the Google Display & YouTube Networks
  • Create Facebook Campaigns

Google Search Ads

The primary objective of Google search ads on this account was to get more website traffic, online conversions, and in-store visits for the client. 

Using a combination of branded search terms that leveraged TV budget, as well as product specific keywords tailored to products in-store we endeavored to dominate traffic for anyone that might engage with Floor Trader whether they had heard about the brand or not.

Google Display & YouTube Ads

To stay top of mind for area customers we created both retargeting and custom intent audiences for use in Google Display and YouTube campaigns.

We then engineered our own creative and leveraged existing TV spots for use on the Display Network and YouTube. This would ensure a consistent brand message to interested parties in the area.

Facebook Advertising

The Primary goal for Facebook advertising involved promoting the mobile showroom – a new offering that had little brand awareness.

We used traffic campaigns with specific creative made for the mobile showroom offering and targeted it directly to website visitors.

The Results

Array Digital was brought on board to implement a combination of online advertising techniques primarily through Facebook and Google to increase in-store purchases as well as highlight The Floor Trader’s mobile showroom.

Google Search Ads

We were able to effectively double and frequently triple daily traffic to the Floor Trader site consistently over the last two years compared to the first eight weeks of campaign performance, as well as leverage thousands of high-intent customers searching for products in google advertising.

Additionally, our advertisements consistently appear in search more than local competitors and often appear in a higher position according to Google Auction Insights.

We attribute this to the focus of our keywords on client offering as well as a high quality score, which in turn leverages our bids to perform the best that they can.

Google Display & YouTube Ads

We were able to deliver display & video ads consistently to customers with the intent to purchase The Floor Trader’s products almost 19 million times across the display network.

These users either had recently searched for flooring options, or interacted with the Floor Trader website in some way in the last 30 days.

The display and YouTube networks also offered a great way to repurpose existing video creative that Floor Trader was using in traditional media. And these ads could do something that traditional media inherently cannot, they offer a direct link to the website and allow customers to engage and convert with the business immediately.

Total Impressions
18.9 Million

Total Clicks


Facebook Advertising

We created awareness and traffic for the new mobile showroom capability on social media.

While the online portion of the campaign performed very well from our perspective, the new offering has never really taken off in store.

The product still exists but as a result of lower ROI we recommended halting advertising for this service and redirecting funds to more successful Google ads.

Users Reached


Frequency – Across Campaign Lifetime
34 Times

Clicks directly to a new offering page on the website
3,376 Link clicks

We didn’t just want someone who would grow our business. We wanted a partner that would give us the edge we needed to dominate our market.

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Advertising, Social Media & Digital Marketing.
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Website Design, Online Advertising, SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing.
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