Got SPAM? Fix Your WordPress Comments Problem

Got SPAM? Fix Your WordPress Comments Problem

Don’t you hate it when people post SPAM in your site’s comment threads? Unfortunately, this is not rare for WordPress sites. You want interactive comments on your page, but how do you balance making it easy to comment and avoiding SPAM? This is especially important as SPAM on your site leaves a bad impression on quality visitors who may think you’re not paying attention to your site. It may even make them think your site is insecure.

Why am I getting SPAM?

The main reason that hackers and others post SPAM as WordPress comments is because it’s free advertising for them. They want to use your website to promote themselves. Plus the backlinks from your website helps them with Google rankings. That’s unfortunate, but it’s unfortunately a fact of life.

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How WordPress Support combats spam

Using an intelligent algorithm for determining what is SPAM and what is not, our code wades through all your comments to determine what it believes to be SPAM. Once we have that short list we (a human) will review the comment and make a final determination. If we conclude the comment is SPAM – and it is usually very clear that it is or is not SPAM – then we will delete it. We do this across all of your pages and all of your comments so that you don’t have to go through all that manually.

Not only does this remove the SPAM from your website, which is always a good thing, this will also reduce the size of your database leading to faster website loading times.

This isn’t the only vulnerability WordPress has, but a dependable support plan can help you avoid and counteract these dangers.

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