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Why You Can’t Afford to Forget WordPress Updates

WordPress is an open-source content management system which allows developers to create and sell themes and plugins. While WordPress is the digital face of your company, it’s supported by a global community of developers and it’s popularity is driven by the creativity of these developers.

How WordPress Updates Work

Open-source content management systems allow for collaborative problem solving. When bugs are discovered in WordPress, they can be posted publicly for developers to collaborate on a resolution. This results in WordPress getting better and better over time. However posting bugs publicly gives hackers an opportunity to capitalize on the temporary vulnerabilities.

Keeping your WordPress website and plugins updated to the latest version is essential to keeping your website secure! There are many other dangers like this one, but for now, let’s stick to updating your site and its plug-ins.

An Unmaintained Website = A Hackable Website

Ever notice how if you forget to update your phone or your computer, it starts to run slower or even crash? Your website can run into the same problems. Similarly, the updates that come out are designed for your device’s security. Again, your WordPress website operates in the same way. Your initial set up is only secure for so long, and once hackers figure out their way around, a new update comes out to counteract the threat.

How often is WordPress updated?

The WordPress platform as a whole is updated about once every four months. If your website is three years old and you have not updated it then you’re behind by 9-10 major versions!

In addition to the WordPress platform updates, WordPress themes (the look and feel of your website) can be updated at any time. Because WordPress is open-source content and allows for developers to collaborate and create their own themes, it can be hard to determine exactly when a theme update may occur.

Don’t forget: individual plugins also have updates which need to be monitored. WordPress plugins give your site a bulk of the functionality that makes WordPress so popular – everything from newsletter signups to blogs to eCommerce are all plugins. There are over 50,000 plugins and like themes, the updates are not released on a predefined schedule making it difficult to track which plugins need to be updated and when.

Having something like WordPress Support gives you a peace of mind, letting a veteran team track your WordPress site’s various pieces and updating them every time a new version is released.

Protecting Your Website

If anyone ever says they can make your software or website hack-proof – run!

There is no such thing as a hack-proof system, but just like locking your door and buckling your seatbelt, you can patch your WordPress website to keep it safe. Updating the platform, themes, and plugins on a regular basis will greatly reduce potential vulnerabilities exposed to the Internet and hackers. Patching your WordPress site makes it harder for hackers to take advantage of you. By proactively patching your WordPress site, you encourage hackers to skip you and move onto the website with plenty of unpatched vulnerabilities.  Continually backing up your website is also critical to ensure that nothing is lost if your website does happen to get attacked.

About 75% of WordPress websites run old versions of WordPress! Outdated WordPress sites, themes, and plugins invite trouble and can be detrimental to your website.

Array Digital updates your website at least once a week to ensure your WordPress site is operating optimally and securely. Investing in WordPress Support protects your investment and increases the longevity of your website.  To speak to a web design expert, contact us today!

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Erik J. Olson

Written By Erik J. Olson

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