Expanding to 7 Days a week

Expanding to 7 Days a Week

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I mentioned in the last episode that we are going to be pivoting from calling this the Marketer’s Anonymous podcast and flash briefing to Journey to $100 Million. That transition is in progress. It’ll take about a week, maybe two, to flesh everything out.

Why 7 Days a Week?

But one of the things that I’ve come to realize very recently is that when we first started doing this podcast and ever since this has been going out, it’s been a “daily briefing”.

I put that in quotes because it’s really technically Monday through Friday. We have not been putting out content on Saturday and Sunday. I just got back from AlexaConf, which is a conference all about voice assistants and voice technologies. Maybe a third of the people that were there were creators, people that had their own podcasts or flash briefings.

I had a chance really for the first time ever to interact with people that are also creating audio content like I am right now. For people that are in the flash briefing game, they are doing it on a daily basis, seven days a week.

What to Expect

We’re not. I didn’t do that at first because frankly I was concerned about being able to produce enough content. That goes back to even picking the topic for this flash briefing and daily podcasts. At first it was going to be interview style, but I realized I’m getting kind of sick of the interview style.

You see it a lot and these series, you just realize that they’re just interviewing anybody that comes along. I don’t want to do an interview series. At least – I don’t want to do interviews all the time.

I don’t want to do tips and tricks because it’s very low level and I don’t think people really care about that. I think they care about growing their business and I just don’t have a passion for that.

I don’t want to do news because it’s super timely, which means I have to record it that morning and it’s just going to be a problem. Long term. I can’t dedicate every single morning to recording. I have to record in advance.

Honing Our Focus

So the thing that I’m super passionate about is growing this business to $100 million. That’s why I picked that topic. Well it turns out my business partner, Kevin Daisy, no surprise, is also very passionate about that. He is going to start recording episodes as well. So from now on you’re going to hear the two of us providing episodes.

One time it will be me, one time it will be Kevin. So now we’ve got two people that are recording podcasts on the same topic for the same company. But what you’re going to find is we have slightly different approaches to the same thing.

We’re a partnership, we’re not identical twins, right? We have different ideas about how to address different situations. The good thing about a partnership is that hopefully you’re not, you’re actually not identical. There’s a Ying and a Yang.

You balance each other out with Kevin and I do very well, but now that Kevin’s getting into the mix, we’re going to have more content. We’re going to go to seven days a week. I’m pretty excited about that.

Follow Along on the Weekends

I’m interested to see what the download numbers look like on the weekends. I suspect there’ll be less than on Monday through Friday, but I also suspect we’ll be off by maybe 15 to 25% so if we still capture 75% of our audience on a Saturday and Sunday – great. Right?

So it’s a little bit of of an experiment. I’m not too worried about it cause like I said, there’s two of us now, so brace yourself for Kevin’s episodes. I’m sure they’ll be awesome. I’m also sure that in the beginning they won’t be all that great because it takes a little while to kind of ramp up and get comfortable just talking into thin air with a microphone clipped to your chest.

So best of luck, Kevin. I’m confident you’ll do it. So everyone else brace yourself for Kevin!

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