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Legal Marketing and the Importance of Evergreen Content

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A study conducted found that the average lifespan of an article is 2.5 days. This means that after 2.5 days, most articles won’t receive more views. This number is astoundingly low since it likely took your law firm more than that time to think about the piece, write it, and publish it. Yet, in 2.5 days, it will be at the end of its lifespan. When you write an article, you want it to stay relevant and continue to provide help to your potential clients. This is why creating evergreen content is so important. The lifespan tends to last longer, and this same study found that half the companies studied had 5% of their page views come from evergreen content alone. 

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Evergreen content vs. trending content

The content placed on a law firm’s website is likely to stay there for a long time. Evergreen content, then, is ideal for most components of your legal marketing strategy. This is content that is relevant to the topics and questions that will likely remain relevant into perpetuity. This type of content will be valuable to your readers today as well as 10 years from now.

Conversely, trending content has the opposite impact. It is a topic that holds relevance now or for a specific amount of time but may change in the future or become less valuable then.

Examples of evergreen content

As you consider adding new content to your website, consider these examples of evergreen content or content that is going to remain valuable for your clients long term.

  • Common car accident questions
  • Breakdowns of the practice area services you offer
  • Workers’ compensation questions
  • Business development questions
  • Breakdowns of the trial process

Examples of trending content

Law firms may wish to use trending content, especially when they want to attract new clients that may be looking for information after a trending news event. Your legal blogs are a good place for this type of content. It’s content that may be relevant for a limited period of time. Some examples of trending content include:

  • Traffic updates and crashes
  • Sporting event news
  • Celebrity news
  • Conversations about potential new laws
  • Thought leadership on hot topics right now

What are some of the benefits of evergreen content for law firms?

When it comes to content marketing, evergreen content certainly has its place in the process. It is a core component of content strategy for most law firms. Evergreen content offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Helping to increase traffic to your website as it works to draw in potential clients from Google searches when search engine optimization (SEO) is incorporated
  • It builds credibility, helping to show potential clients that you have the information, skill, and knowledge they need
  • It helps to build value over time, such as the use of cast studies to verify complex topics or in-depth guides
  • It helps to improve rankings in search, helping your business to attract prospective clients as it grows its online presence

Using evergreen content, such as SEO-rich content or a history of your law firm, helps to build your firm’s online presence, which ultimately helps with search engine ranking, conversion rates from ads, and growing your brand.

How can you incorporate evergreen content into your legal strategy?

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Recognizing the value of incorporating evergreen content is just the first step. It is important to find various ways and types of content to include.

To be clear, evergreen content can stay on your website long-term, but that doesn’t mean you are not adding new content on a consistent basis. It’s the combination of high-quality, long-lasting content along with fresh content that builds onto this that really helps to build a strong content strategy for your law firm.

It also helps you note that because you are trying to create evergreen content, words that provide context to the time of the year or the month can be very important. You’ll want to incorporate as many types of content as you can while always focusing on offering quality content for the prospective clients that are visiting your website.

Here are some examples that potential customers (your potential clients) are often looking for.

Client testimonials

Did you know that your clients can become a core component of your law firm marketing? Long ago, word-of-mouth was the best way for attorneys to grow their practice, which occurs when one client tells a friend about the good service they received.

Today, testimonials are still as valuable, but they are a bit different. You can use testimonials like videos and statements from your existing clients to help prospective clients to see the value you bring. Make sure these testimonials come from people who are within your target audience. If someone needs help after a car accident, they want to hear from a former client that received a big settlement through your law office after a similar accident.

Blog posts

A blog post is a shorter piece of content often added to a component of your website design, often updated on a routine basis. Your blog is a treasure trove of answers to questions, guidance, and insights that prospective clients want to read. You can create blog posts based on important topics, such as the “who, what, where, and when” of getting the legal help they need. You can also use blog posts as a way to document case studies of your previous work or to incorporate information about your services. You can also repurpose some of this content to post on your social media pages. That can help with increasing traffic to your website from sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Lists or FAQs

Frequently asked questions, or FAQs, are super valuable. Google likes to see these and often ranks websites that offer good-quality answers to common questions. When someone sees the question they have listed on the FAQs, they know you can help them.


As you work to build out your website’s content, you may want to develop some guides, which are in-depth breakdowns of topics that are specifically relevant to your clients. For example, if you are a bankruptcy attorney, you may want to create a guide on how bankruptcy works, how to file, and what a person can expect throughout each stage of the process.

Remember that it’s incredibly important to build authority on your website. Never add content to your site that is not directly contributing to your firm’s positive reputation. Consider the importance of E-E-A-T.

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

This is valuable to Google. It helps the search engine to determine if your website is providing content that is worth the searcher’s time.

Why regularly updating your content is vital

Digital marketing is an evolving process, one that is growing and changing every day. Evergreen content continues to work for you for years, driving people to your website as it does. Yet, it does not stop. That is, over time, your content might depreciate in SEO value. Some of your old blog posts may need refreshing to make them more accurate or to include new keywords.

It is also important to recognize that laws may change around specific topics over time. You need to be sure that what you include on your website is accurate. If you create infographics that talk about statistics on car accidents, for example, those statistics will age over time. You’ll need to update the information there to include more recent data.

You may see less competition or more competition for certain keywords. This may warrant going back and refreshing your content, headings, and meta descriptions to draw in more clients. You want to ensure that any information presented on your site is timely, accurate, and helpful to your clients.

Incorporating evergreen content into your social media

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Evergreen content does not need to stop at your website content. It can expand into your social media campaign as well. You can create social media posts that add value to your brand and site. This could include:

  • Interviews where your attorneys explain popular complex legal topics or answer questions that your firm often gets
  • Conduct polls or gather information about your prospective client’s needs.
  • Use social media as a way to help you showcase your website’s latest blogs to draw people to the site.

By incorporating quality infographics, podcast breakdowns, interviews, and FAQs into your social media posts, you create a reason for people to stop, look, read, and engage with your law firm. That nearly always helps to build your brand and creates opportunities to connect within your community.

Ready to build out your SEO strategy with evergreen content?

You don’t have to tackle your SEO strategy on your own. Let us help you build out your evergreen content, connect you with valuable topics that add benefit to your marketing campaigns, and support your social media campaigns.

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Written By Erik J. Olson
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