Grow your social media following in both size and loyalty through proven high-performance strategies.


Social media marketing is one of those things that the best brands do constantly, but most people struggle to keep up with their pages. They end up falling into disrepair, making brands look sloppy and unorganized. We bring the full weight of our expertise to help your brand, building awareness and growing conversions.

We turn followers into friends, and friends into customers through social media.


Step 1

Build your following to maximize exposure to your brand.

Step 2

Create engaging content that connects people to your brand and builds a positive impression of your organization.

Step 3

Drive traffic to your website where the real conversions happen.


We understand the ever-changing world of social media and its algorithms. We consistently keep your page looking good and reaching your target audience. We know the in’s and out’s needed to make sure all of your content is posted in an attractive format without awkward links and low quality media.

We also diligently track your social media’s progress and interactions. We utilize professional grade programs that enable us to identify key demographics in your following, keyword engagement, and brand interactions. We get a clear image of what people think about you and your content, tailoring it to maximize positive brand recognition and trust.


In our hands, you will see your website and social media working together seamlessly. While we build your blog with high-quality, SEO-rich content, your social media will be driving traffic to your website and increasing your pageviews. Social media is about connecting with followers, but it’s also about directing potential customers where you want them to go. Profitable conversions are the cornerstone of our overall strategy.

Array Digital’s work is already paying dividends. Since it went live last week, email inquiries from the site doubled.
Leon Garber
Leon Garber
20:28 21 Feb 18
Array Digital is an outstanding group of talented people who helps our organization with its technology presence. We recommend Array Digital your technology solutions.
Dan Bell
Dan Bell
21:45 14 Feb 18
We brought Array Digital on as our provider for our digital presence and not only have they exceeded every single milestone we established for this period, they have achieved our goals for the upcoming quarter as well. I was very surprised and impressed that we spent the first couple weeks working side by side with them going on "ride a longs" with our technicians and spending time at our jobsites learning how we do what we do. They constantly bring new ideas, content, and approaches to us by identifying potential problems or opportunities as well as presenting possible solutions or brainstorming with us to find the best approach. I feel that our working relationship is much more than we had anticipated because they seem like partners that share and celebrate our successes as we achieve our goals. As we continue to evolve and develop our digital footprint, I am excited of what the future holds.read more
Jeffrey Marl
Jeffrey Marl
17:55 09 Feb 18
Fun Tours was looking for a local provider with national experience. We needed a responsive team with a solid single point of contact. Array Digital has exceeded our expectations. The company is proactive in managing our website and digital marketing. Their efforts have paid off in more exposure for our brand, opened up new markets and provided our next generation customer with an easy avenue to do business with our company. We think highly of Array Digital and recommend that you give them a call if you are looking to move forward.read more
Doug Burelle
Doug Burelle
16:32 02 Feb 18
Erik's people provided excellent insights and consulting which took me efforts to the next level!
Steve Bain
Steve Bain
13:18 04 Aug 17
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