HAZON Solutions Drone Management System

Drone Management System™

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Drone Management System™ is a secure, web-based application that provides drone operators with a fast and easy way to manage a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Users can input flight logs, aircraft maintenance needs, and daily activities into the user-friendly drone software. Supervisors can view all entered information from a desktop computer or mobile device, without the worry of updating multiple spreadsheets. This custom software makes it easy for an organization to manage drone flights and users.

Array Digital began working with HAZON Solutions in 2016 on the creation of Drone Management System™. HAZON Solutions is the leading provider of unmanned aerial inspection services, capability development, training, safety and testing programs. HAZON has deep roots in Naval Carrier aviation and intelligence systems. These unique backgrounds provide HAZON the experience and expertise to assist Fortune 1000 companies in the use of sUAV capabilities to increase safety and operational efficiencies. As HAZON Solutions grew, their needs increased, but they were unable to find a software application in the marketplace to meet their requirements. Drone Management System™ was born of necessity, and incorporates the experience of more than 80 years of flying jets off of aircraft carriers and piloting thousands of drone flights. To begin using Drone Management System™, Click HERE.

Array Digital has also been assisting HAZON Solutions with digital marketing services for their existing marketing website. The digital marketing services have resulted in an increase in the website’s page views, and an extensive increase in social media followers and engagement. HAZON Solutions has recently agreed to bring Array Digital on board for additional digital marketing support for the new Drone Management System™ marketing website. Array Digital will also provide HAZON Solutions with Hosting & Continual Support services for Drone Management System™ and their two marketing websites. For more information about Array Digital’s Products, Click HERE.

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