Dominate Google

Dominating Google Search

When you search for either your business or a keyword that you’re targeting in Google, what do you hope will happen?

You certainly hope that you will show up on page one. If you’re not on page one, the first thing you have to do is get on page one. Once you’re on page one is your job done? No, not even close. It’s great to be on page one, but your job is really not to get on page one, your job for your brand is to dominate page one.

The Key to Keywords

We previously had a client where there was a particular keyword that he was targeting himself, and before he hired us on, he had got that particular keyword to be the number one position in Google, which is fantastic. He did a really good job himself, but what we noticed is that on page one, every other link was to some competitor or to some other website.

He was number one, but why not be number two, three and four as well? After some discussion, we figured out that we could add variations of the keyword, and for SEO purposes, we could get free links – basically on page one in addition to the one link he already had! The more times his link was on page one, the less his competitors were on page one.

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More is Better

Now what does that do? That means that we got him to fill up page one on Google, or at least a substantial amount of it. For every link that he took up, he pushed someone else on to page two. Now once we had that set up, we decided to add Google Ads.

Now why would we add Google Ads when he was already on page one, and in position one? Well, because that takes up space as well. The more you can load up page one, the more that you are pushing other people off of page one.

Now, it’s a competition, this is business. You want to win. So you want to do everything in your power, even if you have to spend, to be on page one when you’re already on page one. So, your goal is not just to be on page one, your goal is to dominate page one.

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